Top ten haircuts for men 2017 – from quiffs to fringes

Top ten haircuts for men 2017 – words Alan Woods

There’s been a revitalization in the men’s fashion world as of late with the resurgence of dozens of cool new hairstyles for men. After all, as more men begin to pay attention to their style choices, the easiest part of crafting the perfect, suave look is the haircut you’re rocking.

And since barbers have been encouraged to come up with awesome new hairstyles, the options have become plentiful. From vivid designs being trimmed in the sides of hair to perfectly coiffed quiffs, barbers have really stepped up their game and offerings.

Picking a hairstyle, though, requires a little more than just going to the barber and haphazardly describing the cut you think you want. As you should already know, a hairstyle choice should be made with your face shape in mind as particular types, textures and lengths of hair play differently to your facial features. With the new year in mind, if you aren’t already sporting a stylish haircut, it may be time to look at the coolest hairstyles worth getting in 2017.

Enter the bloggers at Men’s Hairstyles Now, who have come out with the awesome infographic displayed below. While it seems the long-top-with-short-sides hairstyle remains king, there are still a number of different ways to style your hair. For example, hairstyles like the pompadour and comb over were once reserved for the greasers and rockabilly types of the 1950s, but are now shining their way into the mainstream with modern touches.

But it’s tough to independently follow all the hair trends of today. Thankfully, great infographics produced from fashion experts can make keeping up with the latest in men’s fashion easy. They’ve gone through the trouble of reporting the best haircuts for men 2017 along with styling, grooming, and how-to tips so check it out below!


Top ten haircuts for men 2017 – words Alan Woods