Unique gift ideas to buy for hobby lovers – words Al Woods

Everyone knows and understands the struggle of choosing a present that the receiver will love. It’s a stressful task to carry out.

We decided it was time to contribute to this difficult task and make a list of gifts based on hobbies/interests with our cool gift ideas to buy for hobby lovers feature. Good luck, we hope this helps…


The animal lover

The best thing you can gift an animal lover would be an animal! Obviously, this isn’t always possible, so instead get them a Zookeeper experience ticket. They’ll get to be a zookeeper for a day and experience a whole day full of animals.

The Geek

A pointless, but epic gift for your geeky friend is an infinity mirror. For those of you who are unfortunate enough to have never seen one, they are the coolest yet simplest illusion using mirrors and lights that you’ll love staring at.

The Musician

Every musician needs their own pick maker. You can purchase pick makers that are just like a big hole punch that can puncture plastic and other materials.

They can create personalised picks out of almost whatever they wish to. Who wouldn’t want that?

The chief

For your baking artists, gift them with a Simply Plastics ganache plate perfect for creating smooth frosting finishes on scrumptious cakes. Yum!

Heads up; we suggest to make a little not for them to only wash their ganache plate with warm water and washing up liquid, as dishwashers may cause warping.

The style guru

Stylish friends are the hardest to buy gifts for; how can you find something that a fashionista would like?

To avoid having the awkward and fake “oh, I love it!” conversation about the top you bought them – which you thought was fashionable, but clearly is not – get them a gift card to spend at their favourite clothes shop.

This way you can avoid the inevitable happening – your gift getting thrown at the back of their wardrobe never to be seen again.

Don’t worry, you’ll find a great present

So we’ve given you some creative gift ideas or so we hope. The most important thing is that you don’t stress over getting the ‘perfect’ present, they’ll love whatever you get them. As long as you’ve put thought into their gift, it’ll be special.

Besides, even if they aren’t geeky; anyone would be ecstatic to receive a mini infinity mirror. Even though they’re pretty useless, they’re still cool.

Have you received an awful gift before that you had to pretend to like? We’d love to hear your awkward stories in the comments below.

Unique gift ideas to buy for hobby lovers – words Al Woods


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