How to be a smart shopper while being on a holiday – words Henry Veno

Food, travel, and shopping- These 3 things come to everybody’s mind while thinking about going on a holiday trip. Of course, everybody loves shopping. And when you’re travelling, you get to meet new people and experience different cultures.

You would also get to experience their traditional food, clothes and their way of life. So, if you are a traveller and want to be a smart shopper, here are some tips to shop the best stuff and that too in your budget.


Start planning

The best way to be a smart shopper this holiday season is to plan well before. Make a list of the things that you want to do and things you want to buy while chilling out. Also, pay attention as to how much you want to spend on your travel expenses.

Track your spending

Always make sure to keep a track on how much you’re spending on a product. A great way to do this is to use the spreadsheet. Establish a budget and enter your expenses. By doing this, you can really keep yourself on track. Moreover, restrain yourself from shopping anything which is not required. Buying a blueberry cheesecake or taking an extra pair of shoes should be prevented. So, before you start spoiling yourself, be sure what you buy is really worth the price. If you really must get that new pair of shoes, at least try to find a discount. Aldo shoes discount codes can help you find a great pair of shoes at an even better price.


Shop on Valentines

As we know that valentine’s day is near and in recent years, it has been seen that a lot of stores are giving offers and deals on D-day. So if you too want to make the day of your partner, give them a surprise by taking them out on their favorite holiday location. Also, ensure to gift them something cute and cheeky by making the best use of the coupons available. There are many coupon sites like Voucher shops that would help you do so.

Moreover, most of the stores would be having valentine’s ads by now. So make a list of the things that you want to buy. Keep the ads on your mind and make sure to click on the right deal. You can also visit different types of stores online and decide what you need to buy.

Online research

If you have done your homework properly, you have cracked the mantra of being a smart shopper. For example, if you want to buy a watch but are not sure which brand and model to choose, you can always do some research on the latest watches available in the market. Also, ensure to include cash back sites when you go for online shopping. Cash backs would help you getting some points which can be used later on. Along with this, almost all the stores offer next day delivery option. So, you can book the items without any hassle and get it delivered to your hotel room. Moreover, you can also subscribe to their newsletter to stay updated with the latest offers and schemes available on the store.

Try haggling

When exploring new places and picking up stuff such as clothes and footwear, make sure to try your hands on bargaining. This way you are going to save amazingly. Along with that, there are high chances where you get good products only by haggling into different stores.

Because winters are love!

We all love winter season! So if you’re planning to buy something and don’t have the time to go from one store to other, you can look for the online stores which offer high quality branded clothes. Some of the examples are the New Look, Pink Boutique, Ash Footwear and many as such.

It is being said that, you have got only one life! So dance, eat, shop and travel to the fullest. Make a bucket list of the places that you always wanted to go. Cherish moments that you always wanted to and most importantly, shop using all the innovative hacks.

How to be a smart shopper while being on a holiday – words Henry Veno

Henry Veno is a content marketer at VoucherShops, a leading online vouchers providing website. He is a thought leader in the realm of content marketing and strategy and relishes inditing about Technology, Marketing & perpetual Industry trends. He’s a techy geek and loves to explore latest happenings.



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