Start spring right with Corelle dinner sets

Start spring right with Corelle dinner sets – words Al Woods

As we head into spring and the days get warmer and the evenings lighter, we can start looking forward to the pleasure of outdoor dining.

Before spring arrives, however, it is time to start preparing by weeding the dining area, trimming back the bushes, cleaning the barbecue and treating ourselves to some new dinner sets. Here we explore why you should start spring right with Corelle dinner sets.


Paper plates upset your mates

Let’s face it, paper plates are rubbish and they make an outdoor dining experience far less enjoyable. While it seems like the easiest option to buy paper plates for your outdoor barbecues and buffets, this can actually lead to more dropped food as they bend and far greater wastage. With Corelle dinner sets you can give your guests proper plates without having to worry about them getting chipped or broken. The smash-proof material make the plates perfect casual dinnerware sets for any barbecue.

Load the dishwasher without fear

One great advantage of Corelle dinner sets for busy hostesses is they can be piled straight into the dishwasher after a meal or barbecue so you can get on with enjoying your party without having to worry about a pile of washing up. This can help to improve the experience for everyone as people won’t feel obliged to help you out with the cleaning and everyone can get on with enjoying their summer evening.

Add style to your outdoor dinner party

While you may not want to bring your fancy dinner plates and matching starter sets out for a dinner party outside, with Corelle dinner sets you can enjoy both class and security from your plates. With the Corelle Coupe Premium collection you can add a touch of style to the dining table that may even be nicer than your fancy indoor dining sets! Whatever your taste, you can choose a design or colour that matches the theme of your outdoor space allowing you to put on a classy three-course dinner in your garden. Plus, because they’re resistant to breakages, you can even give children a sophisticated grown-up plate rather than having to settle for an odd plastic child’s plate that doesn’t match the rest.

Put them in the oven

Corelle also uses robust heat-proof material, which means they can be placed directly into the oven making buffet cooking far easier and less messy. Placing finger foods, sausage rolls and even cooked sausages on these plates means that you can keep them warm and have everything ready when your guests want to eat. This will save you from using oven pans and other trays that would then need washing and you can put them directly into the dishwasher after use.

As we head into spring it is time to start planning for that ultimate outdoor party when you can get all of your friends and family together in your garden to drink fine wine and eat good meat straight from the barbecue. These gatherings are what make spring and summer the best seasons of all and can ensure that you get to spend a fantastic time with your loved ones. With Corelle dinner sets you can also help to cut down on the cleaning and reduce the waste that you produce to a more manageable level. These affordable sets of plates are perfect for large gatherings and also for family meals outside in the evenings too. Start your spring right this year by investing in stylish and practical Corelle dinner sets that will make hosting an outdoor party so much easier!

Start spring right with Corelle dinner sets – words Al Woods



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