The alternative culture of vaping

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The alternative culture of vaping – words Al Woods

When electronic cigarettes were first introduced onto the market, they were largely used as a quit smoking aid. However, these days it’s common for people to take up vaping as more of an alternative lifestyle choice.

There’s been a huge rise in the number of people using vaping as a lifestyle choice rather than just a tool to quit tobacco. Here, we’ll look at the alternative culture of vaping.


Cloud chasers

Cloud chasing is one of the leading alternative vaping cultures and it continues to attract a large following. It basically involves playing around with the vapour to create all kinds of shapes as the vape is blown into the air.

The classic “O” shape is one of the most popular, though many users get creative and manage to create all kinds of shapes including octopuses! It’s a fun, competitive activity with users referring to themselves as cloud chasers.

Vaping competitions

Cloud chasing has become so popular, there’s even competitions which are designed to see who can create the largest, most interesting vaping cloud.

More advanced vapours take part in what is referred to as French inhale. This involves carefully inhaling the smoke up through the nose, breathing it out through the mouth and then inhaling it straight back up through the nose. It’s tricky and there is some concern it may not be overly good for you either. So, beginners should definitely avoid attempting this trick.

There are even some users who prefer solely to watch vaping competitions and these people are referred to as cloud-gazers. It’s worth noting that the liquid used during these competitions doesn’t usually contain any nicotine. This is because of the amount of liquid that’s used as it wouldn’t be safe to consume so much nicotine in one hit.

A social activity

Of course, the alternative vaping culture isn’t just about competitions and tricks. Many users choose to use vaping as more of a social activity.

There are numerous groups set up where people can meet and vape together. Online forums have also helped to make vaping more popular with users swapping tips, arranging meet ups and generally using it as a hobby to meet like-minded people. Many claim that vaping can break down barriers and make users more approachable. So, this social element of vaping has also made it a popular alternative culture. The fact that vaping kits are widely available and affordable through speciality stores such as VIP, also enhance its popularity.

Overall, the alternative culture of vaping appears to get stronger every day. Seen as a fun, sociable activity, it’s unlike the culture will die down anytime soon. Provided you use a non-nicotine liquid, using vaping in a more competitive setting can be a great hobby to take up.




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