Eliquid flavour mixing – a good idea?

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Eliquid flavour mixing – a good idea? – words Al Woods

Vaping might be mainstream now, with over 3m in the UK alone, but the hobby has its roots in kitchens, garages and basements where early adopters would whip up batches of eliquids tailored to their own tastebuds.

Nowadays, consumers put their faith in professional manufacturers, but many still like to mix and match their flavours to create brand new taste sensations. And with the rise of short-fill eliquids teaching vapers to tailor their strengths, flavour mixing is on the rise.

But which combinations create an amazing experience, and which are outright flavour failures?

We dive in and find out.


The Good – Tobacco and Menthol 

Tobacco and mint have long been flavour partners. Even cigarette manufacturers cottoned on to the idea, with a range of menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

In fact, many eliquid suppliers and manufacturers carry their own range of menthol tobacco eliquids, but sometimes the flavour ratios aren’t quite right.

In circumstances like that, many customers like to mix a few drops of a pure menthol eliquid in with their favourite tobacco vape juice.

The end result is usually total satisfaction.

The Bad (Usually) – Fruit and Mint 

It’s so awful that it’s everyone’s go-to example for flavours that just don’t match. Juicy citrus fruit and overpowering menthol.

Don’t believe us that this is a complete flavour failure? Well next time your brush your teeth, go and pour yourself a cool glass of fresh orange juice. Then take a swig, come back, and apologise in the comments section.

Most juicy fruit flavoured vape juice won’t match up with a menthol eliquid. It tastes awful, to the point that some vapers have separate tanks for fruit and mint flavours to avoid any accidental cross-contamination.

But that said, a tiny hit of mint can lift a select few fruit flavours. While mint and orange, or grapefruit menthol will send a shiver down your spine, a flavour like strawberry mint may well surprise you!

The Good – Fruit and Fruit 

Fruit salad, tropical fruit soda, mixed fruit punch, a pitcher of sangria on holiday – let’s face it, mixing fruity flavours usually results in a taste that’s far better than the sum of its parts.

So if you’re looking to start experimenting with flavour mixing in your vape pen, the safest way to start is by mixing a few fruit flavours.

In fact, one home-made fruit medley is certain to remind you of a certain juicy drink which may or may not have been enjoyed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Simply mix equal quantities of apple, lemon, orange, pineapple and mango vape juices, give it all a shake, and imagine that you’re sipping it from a carton on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The Bad – Licorice and Cherry 

Thankfully, we’ve seen no evidence of anyone blending these eliquids. Or at least, nobody who’s mad enough to then tell the world they’ve done it.

Some flavours are just too strong, too unique to play well with others. And the sour, bitter hit of cherry mixed with the aniseed note of licorice is certain to leave you reeling.

Trust us. This is why we always wipe out our vape’s tank when we change flavours!

Have you indulged in any flavour mixing? Let us know your favourite combinations – and don’t forget to warn us about any missteps you’ve taken along the way!


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