Tips on How To Make Your First Halong Cruise a Memorable Experience

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Halong Bay travel

Halong Bay is known to be one of UNESCO’S World Heritage sites and for one great reason – it is home to thousands of islets and limestone islands that are worth visiting. Not to mention its emerald waters that also offer a unique experience to every tourist.

Its stunning natural sights would certainly leave you in awe. However, its beauty has been known to many people across the globe, which also means it can also get crowded. This is why if Halong Bay is on your bucket list, make sure you get the most out of your experience by checking out the following tips:

Opt for the Best Cruise Line

Choosing the best cruise line that will take you to Halong Bay can be a daunting experience especially if it’s your first time. The friendly crew of Orchid Cruise Halong Bay suggests that if you want to make it a truly memorable experience, you might as well choose a luxury 5-star cruise. After all, you won’t be visiting Halong Bay on a daily basis. Since you will only be there for a once in a lifetime escapade, the best cruise line can indeed make a huge difference. Think about enjoying a gourmet dinner with authentic Vietnamese cuisine, an international buffet lunch and a deluxe dinner with that panoramic Halong Bay view in the background and you will no doubt get what you paid for. 

Visit the Marvelous Cave and Charming Floating Villages

Halong Bay Cruise

Most junks and cruises include the floating village as one of their itineraries since the place is touted as among the most attractive destinations in Halong Bay. There you will not only enjoy cruising along the emerald green waters. You will also be able to witness the daily life of some of the fishermen and be amazed at how these people are able to live simply and happily in the water world. When you go to Ba Hang floating village, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Thien Cung Cave. Inside this cave are plenty of rock formations, along with high ceilings and very complex inner structures that will certainly impress that adventurous and curious part of you. 

Go Swimming and Diving in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is the neighbor of Halong Bay. Although compared to Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay is lesser-known yet definitely no less beautiful. In fact, a lot of tourists call it a fantastic alternative to Halong Bay. This bay has more pristine scenery with thick limestone mountains. Its sea surface has been partitioned into gulfs and small bays where you can also enjoy swimming which is always the most favorite activity among tourists. The temperature is also comfortable most days of the year except when it is winter, which falls from December to February. 

Once you’ve visited these sites you will somehow feel a bit sad once you realize your cruise is about to come to an end. But, after enjoying your last breakfast onboard your chosen cruise liner, you will have this firm decision of going back to Halong Bay once again as soon as you get the chance. 


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