How security software can aid your business for the better

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How security software can aid your business for the better – words Alexa Wang

Security software is non-negotiable. You wouldn’t keep your store’s door wide open without a security alarm, would you? It doesn’t matter that data has no physical presence.

It doesn’t even matter if your data doesn’t have a price tag. The reality is it is priceless, and not securing your company can result in you being completely shut down for good.


Risks of Not Using Security Software

Not using security software is an incredibly big risk. You won’t have any protection from several key dangers:

·         The Dangers of Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the deadliest viruses to a company’s health. It works essentially by encrypting your data so you cannot access or use it. If you don’t pay the hacker off (the ransom) then they could and often do delete your data in its entirety. Visit McAfee for more information about ransomware, and do all you can improve your security and train your employees so that this doesn’t happen to you.

·         The Risks of Losing Your Customer’s Data

Though not every company will lose their customer base and be forced to close because of a data breach, it absolutely can happen. If users lose their trust in you, they will leave. Just look at Facebook. Though the company is still big and has many users, it has gone from being that friendly platform to the one that steals your data, sells it, and loses it. As they have billions of users, they are still in business, but smaller companies might not be so lucky. Invest in security software and train your employees to protect yours and your customers’ data.

·         The Damage Caused By Being Down

If you have a lot of orders to process and a supply chain to manage, having your information held hostage can cause these systems to pile up and collapse. Angry customers failed orders, and issues of backlog along your supply chain could take weeks to fix and cost you a lot of money in the process.

·         The Risks of Using the Same Password

Use the same password for everything, and you are putting yourself and your company at a huge risk. A hacker could gain access to this password from an old account that you completely forgot about, and then all it takes is logging in. Your bank details, emails, company log in – all of this would be accessible to your hacker.

How Security Software Can Aid Your Business for the Better

Security software can help by protecting your system from downloading and installing viruses in the first place. It can also help by notifying you of suspicious sites to stop you from accessing these viruses in the first place. On the cloud, you can download programs that will help keep your endpoints (mobiles, tablets, etc.) from becoming weak spots. Security companies main goal is to stay one step ahead of hackers and their tactics, and using their security and practicing your safety measures like using unique passwords can help solidify your defenses and keep your company and your data up and running.

Don’t risk your company and your customers because of the ongoing costs of using security software. Consider it a necessity, because it is. If an employee accidentally downloads a ransomware virus your entire company will be held hostage, and if you don’t comply with your demands you could be wiped out in an instant. Be secure and be smart.



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