The art of flirting is alive and well

The art of flirting is alive and well – words Alexa Wang

The art of flirting is incredibly hard, that much is undeniable. It takes time just to work up the courage to send that special lady or guy a suggestive message.

Let alone if they’ve told you ‘wow I’ve heard that one before,’ sometimes it just doesn’t seem worth it. However, we are here to tell you that flirting isn’t dead, in fact, it’s integral to dating.

Whether you’re online or using traditional dating mediums, flirting is key to hooking and keeping your potential partner. It is your route to love and happiness.


Flirting When Meeting A Potential Partner 

There are tons of singles online who are all looking for love and life-long happiness. While that greatly increases the odds of finding romance, it means there is a lot of competition out there. Sending the usual ‘hey, how are you?’ isn’t going to fly when that single is getting ten of these messages a day. Especially when you’re using this site, you’ll find tons of flirty singles ready to chat. When you send a flirty and memorable message you greatly increase your chances of landing a date. You want to stick in somebodies mind, plus what a fantastic story to tell someone? Flirting can be your key to putting your foot in the door, the lucky girl or gentlemen is going to remember you.

It is the same if you were to buy a woman a drink, you want to make an impression on the person you’re trying to woo. There are tons of lovers and singles out there who could be vying for your dream partner. Flirting isn’t dead as it sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to be cheesy when you flirt, it’ll make her laugh and remember you.

Flirting Let’s Someone Know You’re Attracted to Them 

It’s a wide and scary world out there and putting yourself on the line by hitting on a stranger is a daunting task. However, it is the perfect way to let someone know you’re interested. The person you’re trying to romance may not even know you think about them in that way. There is a dance that needs to be played and flirting is the way to do it. Just dropping a suggestive hint in conversation can be enough for the other person to start thinking of you in that way. There needs to be a rapport between you and your potential partner and flirting is the smoothest method to achieve this.

Perhaps when you’re dating online you believe this should be obvious? That if you message a stunning single that they should know. They probably do know you like them but that doesn’t mean that flirting is dead. Even if you have been talking for a while, it is useful to flirt to let that person know you’re still interested and attracted to them. We all know in the initial stages of dating you can get bored and go off other singles if your partner believes you are not as interested they may look elsewhere. Flirting lets them know you still want them in your life.

Flirting is Ingrained in People 

One reason flirting isn’t dead is that it is a natural part of our interaction with people. Nobody wants to throw themselves to the metaphorical love sharks and get torn apart. When first meeting a single you want to test the water and see how they feel. Body language massively contributes to the art of flirting and people may not realise they’re doing it. We automatically look for flirting signs. The way you sit and your expressions can send signals to another single. It’s just the way we’re programmed as people. This is centuries of flirting that is ingrained into people. Sending these signals comes naturally, so flirting couldn’t be dead even if we tried our hardest.

It is ridiculous to say that flirting is dead when it is so ingrained in us. It is how we interact with each other when people are attracted. There are good and bad ways to do this, but that doesn’t mean flirting is dead. Everything is a flirt when you’re talking to someone you’re attracted to, you want them to know how you feel. Our primary goal as a species is to create the next generation, everything else is an afterthought.

Flirting is Fun and Exciting 

Even if every scientist and powerful leader of the world came together to say flirting is dead, would you stop? Probably not because it is exciting to flirt with someone else. It can feel dangerous and saucy, it gives you this high that you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. Especially when the other person reciprocates your advances, it feels like a challenge you have won. Dating should be fun, especially the initial meet and greet period. You want to woo and beguile this person and flirting is the strongest method of achieving this.

Flirting isn’t dead, it is who we are. There are good techniques and bad when it comes to flirting, but putting yourself out there is what people live for when it comes to love. Just think even if everyone else thought flirting is dead, you’ll set yourself apart from being charismatic when talking to singles. Flirting is the only way to really understand people in those initial dating stages.

The art of flirting is alive and well – words Alexa Wang



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