The Vaping technology that’s driven a revolution

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The Vaping technology that’s driven a revolution – words Alan Woods

With the consumption of tobacco products going back centuries, smoking has always been a very low-tech habit that anyone can enjoy.

Capable of being assembled in moments or simply just lit up if coming straight from a packet, part of the success of cigarettes is down to how easily accessible they are.


Therefore it comes as no surprise that the next generation of cigarette designs would keep faith with such an approach, prioritising functionality and ease of use. E-cigarettes (e-cigs) & Vaping technology literally work on the press of a button, creating vapour out of the unison of nicotine and a flavoured e-liquid. Stripping the tobacco and other unhealthy chemicals out of the process gives the e-cig the edge from a health perspective over other types of cigarette, but how does the device deliver its fix for users?

Whilst different brands will have their own respective designs, the standard e-cig contains the same mechanism to heat the nicotine and combine it with the e-liquid to become a vapour.

Using a rechargeable battery as a power source, the device heats up at the press of a button and is ready for use in just a few moments. The sensor on the mouthpiece then recognises when the user is taking a drag and activates the atomiser and its heating coil. This heats up the aforementioned e-liquid and nicotine to produce the vapour in turn-hence why smoking an e-cig is known as vaping. Some models that look more similar to traditional cigarettes even come with a light up LED light on the end, so as to further simulate the previous smoking method that quitters are already accustomed to. Anything that can replace the older and much more dangerous smoking of tobacco has to be embraced. It is seen as much cooler than tobacco. So vaping is the future and the future is now.

Lacking in various toxins, the vapour cloud disappears almost instantly, and can be produced over and over again until either the e-liquid or the battery runs out. The size and potency of these liquids varies depending on personal preference, but it’s well worth noting that different countries have their own individual laws determining what strength levels are permitted.

For the sake of those users on the go, the e-cig can be powered in the same way as your phone via a charger, and more and more models can now even be charged in a computer via USB port. Consumers and makers continue to drive the future of vaping technology.

Yet despite the ease of use predominant across the market, newer e-cigs are incorporating various additional features. Sub-ohm tanks for example are a modification that gives the user greater control over their ability to create a greater amount of vapour or can be used to possibly enhance the flavour being produced. With such a large market eager to try out the latest innovations, inventors from across the globe are hard at work looking for that next breakthrough to take vaping technology, e-cigarettes and the newest vape products once more to the next level.

The Vaping technology that’s driven a revolution – words Alan Woods



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