About FLUX

FLUX is a spirited, independent culture magazine featuring the best, living, breathing fashion, music, arts from the UK & across the globe. FLUX was launched as a fanzine in Manchester in 1997. It evolved into a high end style and culture magazine distributed across the UK and beyond.

Now FLUX has evolved again into a digital hub for all things creative!

Our core team, led by founders and editors Lee Taylor and Claire Lomax, create a marvellous journey into UK and international culture, with new work in fashion, art and writing at its core. Our key team has included at various times visual artists, Mike Chavez-Dawson & Jane Chavez-Dawson, fashionista extraordinaire Amechi Ihenacho, Xander Cook and Alix Walker, Grand Mancunian Graphic Design icon, John Walsh, Britta Burger and too many others to mention.

We’d like to say hi to everyone we’ve worked with over the years! The writers, photographers, stylists, designers, pr pitchers, supporters and collaborators who we have helped us make FLUX a cultural institution supporting the buried gems of creative life and the brands who support them. We would love to hear from you so if you want to get in touch give Lee or Claire a bell!

If you have money to spend on advertising, editorial and social networking opportunities we’d love to hear from you at editorial@fluxmagazine.com.

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