Festival No. 6 Treasures: Magpahi, Meilyr Jones & Hot Vestry

Number Four has always been my lucky number and year number 4 at Festival No. 6 felt like the luckiest year yet. Don’t want to go on too much about how gorgeous and idyllic Portmeirion is, especially in the sunshine that the Festival was blessed with all weekend. Lucky number see! So straight on with a few of our highlights away from the main stages.

Magpahi Performs Moomins Re-Score

As part of the 10th year anniversary for Finders keepers Records, the enchanting Magpahi (aka Alison Cooper) performed a live re-score of the Moomins. The original soundtrack to the Finish/Polish/German Moomintroll saga that set the British television alight in the 1983 was been liberated from its original master tapes with fairytale falsetto, thumbs pianos, nose flutes and waspy synthesisers. I wish this would happen more often (and we’re told it went down so well it will!). The Gatehouse was the perfect venue for this and it was lovely to see the audience joining in with the party poppers handed out to capture some of those Moomin party scenes! Catch Magpahi plays the Moomins soon at Liverpool Psych Festival (25 and 26 September).



Meilyr Jones – Listen to your instincts and something good will happen

Something was telling me to go to the Estuary stage on Sunday at around 4! I learnt recently to listen to your instincts so I was all ears and arrived there just in time to catch Meilyr Jones. A first for me but I was immediately taken with his cool moves and catchy lyrics. In his own words taken from his song featured artist, ‘his last performance was a smash.’ I would have to agree with you Meilyr. If you haven’t already, I would recommend looking him up. Love this one shot video too. www.meilyrjones.com


Hot Vestry

Climb the narrow steps to the Dome Gallery and you might be surprised. We certainly were! First impressions … an outlandish four piece band tearing it up in a tower. With some investigation … Hot Vestry. I could not possibly describe the bit of their set I caught but I certainly went away with a smile on my face!


Others we enjoyed: The Haelo’s, The Fates (all women band with Una Baines of the Fall), Andy Votel, and the Welsh Choir.



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