Some tips to help nervous brides

Some tips to help nervous brides – words Alexa Wang

A Life-Changing Event
It’s natural to be nervous before a wedding. You are taking a big step into what is essentially the unknown. Even if you’ve seen a successful marriage in your family, what you experience may have elements you didn’t know you were going to encounter. People round the rough edges off one another, that takes time. Part of what makes marriage important is this reality.

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Two people learning to live together, love one another, tackle life as a unit, and maintain their vows become stronger. They become wiser. They become more mature, and their lives become more sustainable. With any growth, there is a pain. But the blossoming of maturity outshines the difficulty in achieving certain plateaus.

Part of reducing your nervousness before a wedding is understanding what you’re getting into. If your perspective isn’t to make the wedding last for the rest of your lives together, then you’re more likely to have difficulties later on. Both of you should have this perspective going into it, and also understand that mistakes will be made. There will be rough patches.

But there will be wonderful patches as well. There will be joys like you’ve never known, compounded by the love of your life. So preparing yourself mentally is a big deal, and this is probably going to be the best way for nervous brides to get through the event. A few key tactics to help ease your mind will be further explored below.

Plan Everything In Advance To Reduce The Unexpected

If you can plan your wedding out two years in advance, that’s ideal. It may make the fiancee period more difficult, though. A year is probably going to be your best bet. You’ve got venues to consider, officiants, guests, invitations, seating, catering, entertainment, and more. With wardrobe, you might look at options like for comprehensive listings.

Getting things like wardrobe and venue figured out far in advance will save you a lot of difficulty on the day of the ceremony. If you’ve got all those details taken care of, then you are freer to be fully in the moment with fewer nagging doubts assailing you. This can help calm your nerves.

Surround Yourself With Mentors Who’ve Been There Before

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Women who’ve been where you’re going understand some of what you feel, and can help give you the mental tools to calm nervousness. Perhaps they can’t exactly replicate your feelings, but they’ve been in similar circumstances. They know when you’ll start feeling things, why, and what would have made them feel less nervous when they were where you are.

Also, you might want to look into tips and tricks in resources such as the one you’re exploring now. Here are some additional wedding day observations that may help you to defer nervousness on the big day.

Defer Expenses To Reduce Pressure

Crowdsourcing solutions like Honeyfund can provide you and your future spouse additional resources to both absorb the cost of the wedding, and ensure you have a fine honeymoon. Additionally, when you book things in advance, this will reduce cost. A band booked a year out is almost always going to be cheaper than one booked last-minute—unless quality is substantially sacrificed.

Something that is becoming trendy is economic tourism: booking a wedding, reception, and honeymoon in a foreign country where the local cost of the event is so much less than the event in America, that even after travel costs you end up saving money.

The number to get below is $25k; that’s America’s average wedding cost. Still, travel can be nerve-wracking so this may not be the best choice for all nervous brides. The idea is reducing the cost of the wedding to help eliminate or reduce future worries. But being cost-effective can itself become a stress point, so don’t make this aim too central to your planning.

Overcoming Emotional Storms

Any time we approach some life-changing moment in our lives, it’s natural to be nervous. But that nervousness can go too far. To avoid it, try to find ways of eliminating things which stress you out in advance.

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