How to work as you travel the world

How to work as you travel the world – words Al Woods

They say travel broadens the mind. This is true but it can also empty your wallet. It can be an expensive lifestyle choice to follow your dream on a far-flung adventure somewhere in the world.

What if there was a way to follow your travel dreams that wouldn’t cost you the earth? Or even better might pay you as you travel.

Well the good news is that it’s entirely possible to work as you travel the world. An increasing number of people, graduates and non-graduates, are putting their thirst for travel to good use by getting exciting jobs in the travel industry. You can actually get the best of both world’s being paid while enjoying your travel experience.


Tour Rep

Yes, I know this might conjure up images of 18-30 reps in ill fitting outfits all lining up the drinks for a gang of lobster skinned party goers but that’s pretty rare these days. Tour reps for more specialist and higher-end holidays can enjoy a fantastic lifestyle and get paid well for helping holiday makers get the most out of their trip. You’ll have the last laugh as you’ll be getting paid to be away.

Cruise Hand

Ever wanted to enjoy life on the ocean waves? Well these are a myriad of jobs to go for in the thriving cruise industry. There are jobs such as tour reps, mechanics, interior designers through to entertainers, bar staff and chefs. Cruises need lots of people to make it all work. There is lots of scope for promotion too and sideways moves so you can build a career as your sail the world.

The Digital Nomad

This is another way to earn as you travel and a new opportunity to rethink your work life balance. An increasing number of people are working via a laptop from home these days. Then it dawned on many of them – they could just as easily work from a beach in Thailand as inner-city London or Manchester. This has led to a large number of people doing just that. Digital nomads work out the best places to get travel permits and work out an itinerary. They then work in their chosen field (blogging, web design, online business) as they travel. In many places the cost of living can be a lot cheaper than the UK so it makes lots of sense.

Travel Business Guru

If you ever fancied yourself as a travel business entrepreneur then there are a growing number of opportunities to do just that. You may have an idea for an adventure holiday taking UK travellers kayaking in Quebec or sand dune gliding in the desert outside Dubai. If you have the skillset and the motivation then the world could be your oyster. You could even start up your own personal travel agency. Make sure you do your research though and it maybe be worth doing this through an established travel agency franchise  to avoid some of the pitfalls.

How to work as you travel the world – words Al Woods


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