A Place to Stay: What to Look for in a Rental Place During a Vacation

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rental place

To have a perfect vacation you need to choose the perfect place to stay. If you are planning a vacation, make sure to find accommodation that enhances every aspect of your stay.

Whether you like to stay in five-star resorts or in a traditional homestay, you have to plan carefully and do your homework when choosing accommodation.

Here are some tips to help you find a great rental place that will help to make your experience all the more memorable.

1. Amenities

A good rental place should provide all the important amenities that will bring you comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. Surveys have shown that amenities affect most travelers’ experience, as no one wants to forget something at home and then realize the rental vacation place does not provide it. There are great rental options available online and you can click this useful link to see some with the amenities that you need. When looking for a rental place, you should first check if they have at least the following amenities: Coffee maker, personal toiletries and personal care kit, refrigerator, hairdryer, and iron. These everyday things are going to help make your stay more comfortable no matter if you are staying in a luxury villa or a studio apartment in the city. Additionally, consulting a real estate company can help you to find the perfect rental property for your needs. For example, if you’re going to Paris, consulting a real estate company in Paris can help you find the best rental place that meets all your needs. They can provide important information and advice on what kind of property is suited to your lifestyle, budget, and expectations.

2. Wifi

For many travelers, it’s impossible to live without the internet for a day, so if you are a big fan of Facebook, Instagram, or just need to keep up to date with world news during your vacation, make sure to check with the owner in advance if WiFi at their house is fast and convenient. Slow Wifi is very frustrating, especially when you are away on vacation and you need to check the local bus schedule or museum opening time, or Facetime your family back home. Unless you are into tech-free getaways, you should definitely check the internet speed of the place before renting it.

3. A Parking Space

If you are traveling to the vacation rental house by car, you definitely need to check in advance if they have a parking space for your vehicle. Whether it is a parking space on the property or in a nearby parking lot, you should have the information on hand before getting to the place. Otherwise, it can cause some unwanted interruption or inconvenience to your whole stay.

4. A Full Kitchen  

rental place

If you are spending more than a few days at the rental place during your vacation, it’s always better to stay in accommodation with a full kitchen. Your host should provide basic necessities such as some cookware, plates, glasses, and silverware. With these basic items, you will be able to cook up a meal anytime you want. This way you and your kids won’t have to miss home-cooked meals or spend a huge amount of money eating out three times a day for the duration of your trip.

5. Games, DVDs, and Books

What will make your vacation even more enjoyable is having fun things to do during your free time. A great rental place will usually provide you with board games, books, and DVDs that you can enjoy. It can sometimes be a highlight of your stay if you stumble upon a DVD of an old movie that you love, or have a good book to read when the weather is rainy and you are stuck inside the house. These are the simple, unexpected things that can make all the difference.

6. A Washing Machine

If you are staying for a week or more, ideally the rental place will have a washer so you can take care of your own laundry. Especially during the summer season, you don’t want to change back into clothes you have already worn after a hot day out.

7. A Private Pool

Even if you are going to Florida for a beach vacation, having a private pool in your rental place provides that extra special leisure experience that you don’t have at home. Imagine sipping a cocktail while lounging on your pool float, without having to go out or worry about strangers swimming around you. Especially if you have kids, it is also much more relaxed when you are swimming in the pool rather than at the beach.

Hopefully, these tips have provided you with some good ideas on what to look for in a rental place for your vacation. Be sure to make a list of your priorities and search for the dream accommodation accordingly. It will take a bit of work but the comfort and experience the right rental place can bring will definitely be worth the efforts in the end.


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