Best Warming Wines for Cold Weather

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The cold season is the time of the year when people desire some warmth and cosy moments. Imagine the smell of juicy pears baked in red wine and jam. This mouthwatering delight is just one of the thousands of delicacies that fill our homes with warmth on cold days. All these desires make the perfect match with a fireplace and a blanket nearby, topped with a glass of good wine.

How to Choose the Best Winter Wine

What are the best wines? First, you need to know what type of wine or flavour you like to drink. Different wines have different qualities, so it’s important that you consider this when picking your favourite wine.

There are different categories of wines that may suit you well. For instance, some wines go well with the cold season; some wines go well with food, and some wines are only for adults to drink on festive occasions.

Traditionally, the best wines for the cold season are the reds. These wines have a higher alcohol content which helps to warm up the body and fight off colds and flu.

Red wine is often associated with fall and winter due to the richness of its flavour. However, it ties in well with cold weather because it warms the body and soul giving a warmer feeling of pleasure. Moreover,  it is commonly known that red wine improves circulation. This means your hands and feet won’t feel that icy chill during the cold season.

There is a common misconception that all wines are perfect for cold-weather drinks. Some wines might taste very different when consumed during the winter months.

Wine can be categorized as something that goes well with a lot of dishes and there are many different things you can do with it for a cold day or night. For instance, one idea would be to have red wine on tap or by the glass at your holiday party! You could also try some recipes like mulled wine (served hot), wine punch (served chilled) or even a delicious cobbler!

The Best Wine Country for Fall/Winter 2022

If you are tired of the same taste and willing to break the tradition, you should try the following wines coming from the most ancient countries in the world.

Greek Wine

Greece holds the flagship as one of the oldest wine-making regions in Europe and worldwide. The first documented Greek wine dates back to 4000 BC. This wine was highly renowned by Roman Emperors.

Greek wines are gaining popularity on the international market. With many new wineries popping up every year, Greek winemakers have managed to restore and expand their wine-making culture.

The region of Attica is one of the most famous wine-growing regions in Greece, with the best-known varieties being Assyrtiko, Mavrodaphne, Agiorgitiko and Roditis. Moreover, you can find one-of-a-kind wines coming from Crete and Macedonia.

Winemakers use mainly organic farming methods preserving traditional grape varieties.

The Greek climate is perfect for growing grapes as well as producing high-quality wines with a special touch of the Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild rainy winters.

There are hundreds of Greek wine varieties – from dry to sweet and from white to red. All you need to do is explore further and find your fav.

Italian Wine

The wine regions of Italy are among the most important in the world and make up one of the largest wine-producing countries.

The first documented evidence of Italians drinking wine came from southern Italy, where archaeologists have found evidence that locals were drinking a mixed drink made of grape skins and honey. The wine was also condemned at the time by religious leaders, who saw it as a temptation to sin.

Wine in Italy is generally made from three types of grapes: Sangiovese (known as Chianti), which is mostly grown in Tuscany; Trebbiano, one of the most widely grown grapes in Italy; and Malvasia, a grape traditionally grown in Sicily.

Buon vino Italiano is a term that the Italians use to refer to their own wine to distinguish it from wines made in other countries. The term is often used when giving descriptions of wines and other drinks or about a restaurant’s wine list.

The diverse landscape and climate of Italy are the main factors behind the country’s plentiful vineyards and wine production, with over 300 types of indigenous grapes. There are several different grapes that have become internationally recognized in Italy, including Moscato, Sangiovese, Pinot Grigio, and Chianti.

There are many factors that influence the quality of a wine such as soil, climate, and grape variety. For example, vineyards in the warm southern regions produce wines with fruity flavours. Vineyards in northern Italy usually produce wines with flowery flavours.


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