Cool Dressing Trends for Tourists in Jamaica

words Alexa Wang

Jamaica is famous for its beach resorts and casual is always in trend here. It is hardly a place for formal attire though a few dresses can be included to attend parties at premium hotels such as Iberostar 5 star hotels in Jamaica. But otherwise, it is crucial to remember that comfort is key when on a trip. Especially while traveling to North America because of its comparatively hot climate. Thus, it would be a wise decision to choose comfort over style.

Dressing Trends Jamaica

Regular Clothes & partywear

Casual clothes made out of lightweight natural fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen are always in trend in hotter climates. For example, cotton t-shirts or camisoles, sarongs and shorts can be styled with a sunhat for both protection as well as style, especially on sunny and sometimes unbearable warm days.  Though a light wrap or a sweater is recommended for cooler nights. Short summer sundresses are ideal for the evening though it might be wise to carry a pashmina in cases the weather cools down temporarily after a downfall. Moreover, a pashmina styled with oxidized imitation jewelry can never go out of style. Though even soft-flowing cropped pants can also be used to enjoy the light breeze and free feeling. Along with pretty blouses and tops made up of soft flowing material. Soft Maxi dresses of pastoral colors with vibrant prints can also be recommended. Though because of the threat of mosquitoes, it is quite popular to wear clothes that expose the least amount of skin. While planning a trip, travelers usually use top websites on the internet to carry out some preliminary research around the latest fashion trends.

Men can wear long shorts or pants with short-sleeved shirts which are both comfortable as well as light. Though they might change into a collared shirt and long pants when attending a dinner.


Jamaica is a beach destination so it makes sense that most of the space in a suitcase would be occupied with swimwear or bathing suits. It is better to bring at least three pairs just in case. Between one-pieces, bikinis, and other stylish beachwear along with shirts, shorts, and polos for men, the possibilities are endless. It is crucial to remember that it is better to wear a kaftan or sarong over one’s beachwear when walking around in public areas.


Shoes are always an essential part of any outfit, an uncomfortable shoe can cause major discomfort especially while walking in the hot Sun. Thus, it is advisable to take some lightweight comfy shoes for walking. And of course, some flat sandals for the beach. Though even flip flops, wedges, or dressy sandals can be quite comfortable. The goal is to pack comfortable footwear that would also go with the swimwear and the occasional dress. But if someone has the intention to embark on a trek in the mountains, appropriate trekking boots or shoes are a must.

Concluding Thoughts

Thus overall, the objective is to pack light and comfortable clothes and shoes, that would be free-flowing and not irritate in the hot and humid weather. On the other hand, it is also crucial to remember that enough swimwear is available which would enable the tourists to take full advantage of the beautiful beaches and swimming pools all over the place. As long as tourists are comfortable in their clothes, no one can stop them from having the time of their lives.


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