Experience stunning Bali without the throngs

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Like most popular tourist spots, Bali is often overrun with visitors. The small breathtaking island is a popular holiday destination due to a wide range of reasons. To begin with, the weather is great all year round.

In addition, it offers a plethora of pleasurable activities to guests and locals alike. It has an amazing landscape with the rice paddies and beautiful beaches as well as great food. People also throng the island for spiritual healing as well as to experience the diversity in culture.

Do not, however, be put off by the possibility of a crowded Bali. There are a number of spots on the island that are yet to be discovered by tourists. You do not have to go to the hot tourist spots to have a great time.

Discover the Hidden Delights of Bali                      

You could hire a scooter and get a guide to show you some of the hidden delights. Even an excursion into the rain forest has lots of mysteries to be unveiled. A leisurely ride into the heart of the island will open up to you a way of life never imagined.

If you opt for one of the Bali cruise packages, you need not worry about doing what everyone else is doing.

Some of the experiences you will enjoy away from the crowds include the following:

  • Spiritualawakening: If spirituality is important to you, the shrines of Bali will appeal to you. The Balinese are very religious people and they make offerings at their shrines every day. The shrines are set up outside every house.
  • Hot springs
  • Volcano climbs
  • Elaborate rice terraces

Things to Do in Bali

Enjoy the Food without the Crowds

The food in Bali is legendary and low-priced. There are some favourite tourist food haunts you can avoid. These include:

  • Canggu
  • Kuta
  • Seminyak

Don’t get it twisted; the food in these places is excellent. However, if you want to enjoy your meal quietly, go farther inland. The food gets even cheaper as you go deeper. Additionally, the food is organic. You can have as much freshly squeezed mango juice as you like as well as seafood fresh from the ocean.

If your stomach is not very receptive to the spicy foods, you can opt for the exotic fruit. The fruit and smoothie bowls presented rival the spreads of the best international chefs. Avoid Bali belly by all means.

Get Some Exercise Going

Unless you fancy getting some of that holiday weight back home, get some workout routines going. You do not even have to hit the gym. Some of the activities you could indulge in include:

  • Snorkelling
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking on the beach
  • Hiking
  • Climbing

Mount Batur is a good one to climb. You may not be able to avoid the company here because everyone wants to see the view from the top. The town below is spectacular with the glimmering lights.

Then there are the collective ahs and wows induced by the magical sky above. An Indonesian sunset is a sight to behold. The sky turns blue, red and orange…in that order. The crowds will cease to matter because everyone will be struck dumb with wonder.

Sit on Top of a Volcano

Getting up there is more than enough exercise. Then you get to watch as the sun hits another volcano, in this case, Mount Agung. The waters below work with the sun, the sky to create multiple colours. Reflected from the sky, these colours create a beautiful exhibition that leaves mouths agape.

Stay in Munduk

Munduk is a small village located on a ridge far away from the usual tourist hangouts. It is quiet and you will barely see visitors here. It offers you fantastic views of luxuriant green rice paddies. It will not cost you much; in fact, you will be astounded at how little you will pay for some peace and quiet.


Bali is popular; no doubt about it, but you can find some quiet spots away from all the gaiety. You also access peaceful beaches and amazing eateries on the island. You will be able to enjoy your holiday and relax.


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