Looking for Adventure? Try a spot of Polar exploration

How does a spot of Polar exploration grab you? Ever wanted to release the inner explorer in you? When I think of more adventurous travel my mind conjures up the usual trekking in Nepal, braving the Tran-Siberian railway or maybe white water rafting in New Zealand. These have almost become travel clichés. Party talk for the chattering classes or the ‘what I did in my gap year’ warblings of certain thirty-somethings. When I saw the press release for Quark Expeditions though I sat up and blinked as it sank in. This was the real thing. What all those other trips hint at but never quite deliver. This travel company go that one step further.

For the last 20 years or so Quark Expeditions have been a pioneer of polar adventure travel. They take small groups of people to explore the frozen wilderness where you’re more likely to see a polar bear than another human being. So they are not your ordinary travel company then. In 2011, Quark was named a recipient of National Geographic Traveler’s “50 Tours of a Lifetime” for the company’s “Three Arctic Islands” voyage. They have all the back-up you’d expect from such an experienced polar exploration company with a diverse fleet of specially equipped vessels and seasoned expedition leaders. They offer travelers unparalleled access to the most remote regions on earth.

Quark feature in ‘The Frozen Planet’ the breathtaking joint BBC and Discovery Channel series which is about to hit US screens for the first time. BBC and Discovery Channel production teams travelled with Quark to capture the stunning scenery featured in the series. So if you secretly see yourself as a Polar explorer and fancy testing yourself in some of the most incredible but remote parts of the globe – maybe it’s your time.

For more information about polar exploration with Quark visit www.quarkexpeditions.com

Travel Article by Trevor Hodges


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