Backyard BBQ party tips & tricks

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barbeque party tips

So you’re planning a party. Whatever the event may be– whether it be your birthday, graduation, or just celebrating a good week, a good get together is always a fun way to spend your hard-earned downtime. You could go out on the town and spend an exorbitant amount of money on small plates and chef’s tasting menus, if that’s your thing.

Or, if you’re like most of us, a down home backyard barbecue is the perfect way to have a good time. You’re already home, you don’t have to spend on a taxi or sit in traffic. You have total control over the environment, and if you feel like taking a nap, you absolutely can. It’s your house. You can do what you want! With that said, admittedly, some barbecues can be a bit monotonous. People cook the same food, the same drinks are in the cooler, and before you know it, boredom starts to set in. Here are some tips to spice up your backyard barbecue party and be regarded as the best host on the block.

Cool Food

The first thing you’ve got to spice up the food. Yes, burgers and hot dogs are great. Nobody can question that. But adding a bit of ethnic flair to your meat is a sure way to both impress and keep the conversations going. A good suggestion is Mediterranean food. Kebabs are perfect for expanding your menu and still keeping with the open fire theme. Who doesn’t like a good kebab? There are literally thousands of recipes online, all with impeccable flavors to match. And, of course, drinks are a must for every BBQ party. Prepare ice-cold beers or sparkling water from Long Shot Drinks for everyone to enjoy!

Cool Toys

Barbecues are also a perfect place to show off some new home hardware. Got a new pool? Make sure everyone gets in there and has a blast. Maybe you’ve been working on a cafe racer project and need some tips from the guys. A barbecue is perfect to gather everyone you need. Or better yet, you got yourself the best electric smoker on the market. What better way to make its debut than to have family and friends around to celebrate. Any way you cut it, using a barbecue as a showcase is a wonderful way to create a central theme and have everyone on the same page.

Fun Games

If you’ve got kids around, it’s always a fun idea to have games. More likely than not, they’ll be glued to their tablets and devices. Remember, this is your party and your house. You have every right to set up cell phone rules. But, as we all know, creating incentives work better than having rules. Setting up games with prizes can keep kids occupied for hours. Treasure hunts and puzzles are the way to go. And who knows, maybe the adults will find themselves running around, working up an appetite from some delicious smoked brisket. 

Any way you cut it, a backyard barbecue is going to be a success. It’s the details added to the format that makes it memorable. Some new food, some fancy toys, and some fun games are enough to keep people asking when the next one will be.

BBQ party tips


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