Why planning a UK break can be better than travelling abroad

Why planning a UK break is better than travelling abroad – words Alexa Wang

Having a good time when holidaying abroad can be a lot of pressure. All that money spent, time taken off, friends and/or family wrangled, intricate plans made, it can feel as if anything can go wrong at any moment.

If you’re flying, it can feel like a miracle when you manage to get through the whole thing with a delay or cancellation.

The poor pound is at its weakest in years as if going abroad wasn’t already expensive enough. The United Kingdom is one of the most varied and vibrant countries in the world. Though small and stoic we have a lot to offer for tourists looking to avoid the hassle and cost of travelling elsewhere. Planning a UK break and celebrating the unique and diverse culture of our country can be made even more convenient by using Toprooms, where guests can find rare experiences and special connections by staying in local rooms owned by local residents.


Incredible history

The history of the UK is one of the most interesting and rich in the world. From Stonehenge to the London Eye, the UK has an incredible story to tell; an island that has been raided, invaded and even conquered more than its fair share of times, and consequently boasts many intricate influences and aspects of its rich culture. Despite being a modern superpower, many of the best cities to visit in UK are still rife with tradition whether it is cheese rolling in Gloucester or Guy Fawkes night at Windsor Castle. There are countless museums and historical centres to visit, not to mention 30 fascinating UNESCO world heritage sites. If you visit Britain it will tell just a little more of the complex, monolithic story of our small nation.

Amazing festivals

The UK has some of the best festivals on the planet, with such a varied and vibrant array of different experiences to be had. Glastonbury is, of course, the flagship festival that people know about across the globe, a life changing extravaganza of music, culture, and mud that puts the UK on the map as a destination for lovers of contemporary performing arts everywhere. But Glastonbury is barely the tip of the iceberg, with the Isle of Wight festival, Bestival, Parklife, Download, Kendall Calling, and Boomtown among the best of the rest, there are festivals to suit every taste and all kinds of incredible sights, sounds, and scents to be experienced at festivals all over the UK.

Beautiful scenery

For such a small country there is no shortage of beautiful scenery here in the UK. There are sandy, sunny beaches all around the coasts of England, misty scenic Lochs in Scotland and Loughs in Northern Ireland, there are low, peaceful hills of Wales and the rough and ready dales of Yorkshire. There are gorgeous views in the Lake District and sprawling Scottish highlands and more winding vivacious rivers then you can shake and stick at or throw sticks into. Anywhere you go in the UK can lead to wholesome, wonderful sights and experiences. Our countryside is one of the best UK holiday destinations for families.

Why planning a UK break is better than travelling abroad – words Alexa Wang


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