Six of the most scenic places to visit in cyprus 

Six of the most scenic places to visit in Cyprus – words Alexa Wang

When your surroundings include the glistening Mediterranean Sea, verdant hills, and strips of pristine beaches, you know you’re spoilt for scenic spots which’ll really knock you for six. It is littered with places to visit in Cyprus, whether by the coast or the cooler mountains inland. Here’s six of the best…

Aphrodite’s Rock 

places to visit in cyprus

Image by Carole Raddato, used under CC License (CC by 2.0)

Aphrodite’s Rock is perhaps one of the country’s most iconic landmarks. You have to visit if you’re sightseeing in Cyprus. It’s near the city of Paphos, with buses running frequently linking the two. Kick back on the shore and gaze over the rock formation, or swim out to get a little closer! Whatever you choose to do, you can’t leave Cyprus without an afternoon spent relaxing here. 

Akamas Peninsula National Park

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This is one of the least populated areas of western Cyprus, comprising dirt tracks, hazy coastlines, and dense vegetation. It was once a firing range for the British Army, not that you’d know it from the warming feeling of serenity you’ll experience when visiting. Make a day of it, then return to the confines of your holiday rental and replenish for more adventures. 

Caledonia Falls 

Cyprus’ best attractions don’t just lie on the coast, far from it. Follow the Caledonia nature trail in the Troodos National Forest Park, and around halfway along you’ll come across the Caledonia Falls. Hence the name, this waterfall looks more akin to Scotland than what you’d expect from Cyprus, albeit with slightly warmer temperatures. Regardless of its origins, the Caledonia Falls are set to impress from the get-go. 

Troodos National Forest Park

 places to visit in cyprus

​Image by Melissa Wall, used under CC License (CC by 2.0

This is where you’ll find the largest mountains in Cyprus, which take up a large bulk of the island’s centre. Take a car – the Troodos National Forest Park takes up a staggering 9,147 hectares, so you’ll need one to get around – and marvel at the stunning array of peaks. The highest point here is Mount Olympus, which is elevated 1,952 metres above sea level. Surprisingly, it’s home to four ski slopes – a scene which you wouldn’t usually associate with Cyprus!  


Often, a location’s beauty is a more primitive. The town of Polis, with quaint taverns and lush sand strips, is the very epitomy of this. Thin paths weave their way amongst overgrown plants, before revealing picture-perfect coastlines.Back in Polis, stop by local markets or sit in the town square and let the world pass you by. 

Adonis Baths

North of Paphos, the Adonis Baths comprise a placid pool, sheltered by trees and fed into by a narrow waterfall. It’s widely considered one of the island’s most untouched and sedative locations, and a far cry from the touristy beaches you might associate with Cyprus. If you believe in Cypriot myth, then swimming in the bath will preserve any woman’s youth and strengthen any man. On your way out, you’ll see a statue of the ancient Greek mythological figures Adonis and Aphrodite. Spend a few hours here and you’ll return invigorated and suitably relaxed for the duration of your trip. 

There you have it – six of Cyprus’ most beautiful spots. Each has a charm entirely of its own, and is a hallmark of any trip to the island. 

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Six of the most scenic places to visit in Cyprus – words Alexa Wang





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