How to Make the Most of the Upcoming Winter

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This past spring and summer were interesting, to say the least. With the patchwork of varying stay-at-home orders, business closures and changes to public spaces, people spent more time indoors. However, there were still opportunities to soak in the sunshine, responsibly visit family and friends, and live a halfway normal life.

The upcoming winter might not afford those same leniencies. People already spend more time indoors during the winter. Given the nearly-assured continuation of the pandemic, expect to spend a sizeable portion of the season at home.

It doesn’t have to be all bad, though. As long as you’re proactive in readying your home for increased indoor use, you can have a relaxing, engaging and fun winter ahead. Here’s how to make the most of the cold season.

Buy the Most Comfortable Clothing Possible

Comfort is key when you’re at home. Whether you’re working from home, studying or merely spending leisure time at the end of the day, optimize your wardrobe for comfort.

Forget the stiff collared shirts and tight-fitting shoes. Go with a soft, breathable option like merino wool clothing – in addition to being airy and comfy, it’s also insulating, so it makes for a fantastic base layer if you’re venturing outdoors. Don’t worry about wearing shoes indoors – invest instead in some plush slippers, and grab a pair of comfortable boots for outdoor excursions.

Try These Engaging Hobby Ideas

Winter is the perfect season for picking up a new hobby. If you’re looking for things to do when the weather gets chilly, try these engaging hobby ideas:

  • Learn to cook a new type of cuisine
  • Take up an instrument, like the guitar or keyboard
  • Learn a new language online
  • Become a puzzle master
  • Start an art project, like a painting or sculpture

Not only will these enriching hobbies make the time go by quicker, but they’ll also give you a much-needed boost in happiness and self-confidence.

Invest in an Outdoor Setup

Just because your backyard is covered in snow, it doesn’t mean you can’t hang out there. Turn your outdoor space into a winter wonderland with a few outside heaters, some string lights, a central firepit and some relaxing furniture, all of which you can easily find at your nearest hardware store.

Plan a Trip Around Your Own City

International vacations might have to stay on hold, but you can still have the travel experience in your very own city. Do a walking tour of the surrounding sites. Drive to a part of the town you don’t usually see. And snap pictures of the wintry experience to share online. This winter is an excellent opportunity to cherish the nearby experiences you may otherwise take for granted. Just make sure you dress warmly. In addition to the aforementioned merino wool base layer, bring a warm winter coat and gloves.

This upcoming winter may be a little different from years past, but it can be every bit as relaxing, entertaining and convivial.  


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