Bathroom Radiators: How to choose a proper radiator size?

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So you have decided that you want to purchase a brand new radiator. You have decided on the type of radiator, the colour and where you want to put it. But one thing you may not have considered is the size of the radiator.

This is an important thing to consider as most people may instinctively try and fill all of their walls with a radiator. But important things need to be considered when purchasing your dream radiator. For example, how much radiator do you realistically need and how hot do you want particular rooms to be.

Bathroom Radiators

Heating up a room

When we turn on our heating we do not necessarily think about how hot we are setting the temperature of our rooms. But we instinctively like our rooms to be at a particular temperature. For example, due to the nature of what happens in a bathroom, we like it to usually be a comfortable twenty-three degrees Celcius. However, in a bedroom, a place where we sleep and tend to over heat, we may want the room to be a much more comfortable fifteen degrees.

This means in a room where we want there to be plenty of heat, you want to ensure that you purchase a size of radiator that will allow you that much heat. But also you want to take into consideration other factors such as large windows and potential areas where heat could escape.

How on earth can you work out how much heat will come out of your radiator? Well, you can quite easily search for a BTU calculator on the internet which will let you put in the size of the room along with the number of windows. You can then click calculate and it will tell you how much output you realistically want.

Armed with this knowledge, head to a site like Trade Radiators to find a radiator that matches that BTU. It is the easiest, and most accurate, way of ensuring that you will always have a radiator that heats your room exactly how you want it.

Different shapes and sizes

When purchasing a radiator you may be struggling to find a radiator that will fit the shape of your room. But the times of only having a standard shape of radiator that goes into every room in the world is long gone. Modern radiators can be made into pretty much any shape that you like.

For instance, if you have a small wall that has nothing on it, you might want to utilise it with a long and thin radiator to fill the space. This means that you are getting plenty of heat power coming into your room and it leaves your larger walls free to add shelves or decorate with other things.

You can also find radiators that can be thin and fit in small spaces or even short radiators that can slot into a tight space. The possibilities are endless. Check out for more information.

Why not a normal radiator?

If you want your usual white radiator then that is absolutely fine. However, why spend money on one if that’s not your style? Why not invest in  athrow back with a cast iron style that will fit perfectly into an older home or jazz up a modern one with an exciting design juxtaposition.

Your radiator doesn’t need to be feature at all! If you don’t want to make a bold statement with your new radiator you don’t need to. Advances in radiator technology mean you can get a small and unobtrusive radiator that packs a whopping heat punch. 

There are lots of decisions to be made, so play about with the size and location of your radiator and have some fun.


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