The great Zoltar predicts Wigan is the future

The great Zoltar predicts Wigan is the future – words Alan Woods

Bored of all the Brexit talk? Me too. ‘Brexit is Brexit’ waffled as a mantra wears thin after a while. We need someone to come forward with a positive plan.

Someone to show us the way forward. Well maybe this mysterious film that’s been sent to us could lead us in the right direction.

It’s a message from Zoltar who really is a seer. He can look into the future with his crystal ball. As he stares into the future it seems he sees a Britain on its knees where we are all lost and hopeless. Zoltar then realises he was looking into the wrong crystal ball. He looks again this time into the right one and he sees a whole new world for us if only we have the boldness to grab it.

One place in Britain apparently could lead the way. Is it London or Manchester? No it’s the little town of Wigan. The great Zoltar predicts Wigan has a plan and many of the answers we all seek.

He said: ‘Wigan will lead the way, Wigan has the plan and if Great Britain wishes to succeed, it would do well to watch and learn from this great borough.

“What’s true about Wigan can be true about all of us. Wigan has the plan. Invest in Wigan.”

To see The Plan go to

With kind permission from Zoltar UK, copyright©2013

The great Zoltar predicts Wigan is the future – words Alan Woods

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