How to explore your favourite motoring attractions at home

How to explore your favourite motoring attractions at home – words Alexa Wang

There may be many motoring attractions from iconic racetracks and legendary roads to famous motor manufacturer’s museums you might like to sample; the only problem is they’re spread all over Europe and the rest of the globe.

Thanks to Google, you can put yourself on the grid at Silverstone and get a Lewis Hamilton-eye view of the track ahead, try out spectacular Welsh roads, drive through long Swiss tunnels and much more without having to leave your favourite chair.

Here are a few suggestions, so fire up Google Maps and take off.


Go racing

A trip to glamorous Monaco might be a good way to start; you can clearly see the Formula One race grid markings on the road as they’re left there all year round. By keeping your eyes peeled you can likely navigate your way round this world famous street racetrack.

How about Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix? It has the joint-longest track on the Formula One roster with one lap being over 3.5 miles long.

Drivers usually enter the Maggots-Beckett corner at around 180 mph – imagine that!

For some day and night racing, try a virtual trip to Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina circuit. The race always starts in daylight and finishes after dark when the permanent lighting system creates a spectacular sporting scene.


Go car shopping

Fancy some new wheels? A Ferrari might be nice and where better to see them than at the Maranello home of their Italian manufacturer with a trip to the Ferrari Museum?

Many iconic models from the marque’s illustrious history can be seen, and if temptation gets the better of you then maybe a monthly lease would be more wallet-friendly than the eye-wateringly high prices to buy a new one.


Driving experiences

Save time and fuel by letting Google take the strain.

Take a trip to north Wales and try out the spectacular triangular 20-mile route dubbed the ‘Evo Triangle’ after the car magazine Evo. Their staff love this route and use it for road testing.

You may have actually driven through the Dartford Tunnel any number of times, but for a unique virtual road tunnel experience the ten-mile long Gotthard Road Tunnel passing under the Swiss Alps is worth a visit. It offers spectacular echoes from throaty exhaust systems (you’ll have to imagine this unless you’ve got some sound effects to play while virtually driving through it).

Combining road and tunnels is the Oresund Bridge, the five mile long crossing that links Denmark and Sweden. After a while travelling on the bridge, you suddenly go underground for 2.5 miles into a tunnel passing underwater.

You could say you’re ‘riding the Internet’ as the road carries the ‘backbone’ cabling for Internet data between central Europe, Sweden and Finland – and experiencing it virtually means you won’t have to pay the toll.

How to explore your favourite motoring attractions at home – words Alexa Wang


The world is your virtual oyster

There’s so much more to visit; a virtual drive on the most dangerous road in the world, the North Yungas Road in Bolivia, can be taken minus the danger of the 2,000 feet drop that claims between 200 and 300 lives a year.

The Stevio Pass in Italy is one of the most photographed and greatest driving roads in the world and has appeared any number of times on ‘Top Gear’ and in various motor magazine photo shoots. Enjoy the hairpin bends as you descend from over 9,000 feet above sea level.

Because it’s so well known it’s becoming quite crowded; a virtual visit solves that problem.









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