A brief guide to buying worthwhile gifts for a 50 year old

words Alexa Wang

Many young people buy into the myth that life ends at middle age, which in their minds is likely to mean 30+. In fact, the realisation upon reaching this milestone yourself that life may actually have more surprises to offer than one previously thought, can be an incredibly liberating feeling.

That extra life experience could open up more avenues and opportunities than ever. Then, of course, there comes a point when the second stage of mid-life crisis may hit. Grey hairs may be in full flow. Age-unrelated excuses for hair loss are more difficult to pass off as valid. Cracked lines on previously fresh, smooth skin become ever harder to hide.


Let’s assume you’re not at that point yet. But perhaps you know someone who is approaching 50. Either they’re seemingly still enjoying life or doing a good job of hiding the understandable fear of their biggest birthday milestone thus far. We all have a responsibility to help keep their spirits up. So, aside from the obvious anti-ageing cream and super-food supplements, here’s some other worthwhile gift ideas for those reaching 50, for you to consider in the approach to their big day:

Personalised Items – For milestone birthdays such as the big 50 it can be nice to offer a personalised gift, such as a special notebook with their name on it. Otherwise, a humourous gift making light of the fact that they’re now in their fifties may be beneficial for those who don’t necessarily see this day as one worth… ‘celebrating’.

A ride in their favourite luxury car – A Perfect 50th birthday gift idea for those who love cars but may not have had the opportunity to drive a top model of their own or get around a race track, why not get them a one-of-a-kind driving experience to mark their 50th birthday? These can be timeless gift ideas. With options available for less than £100, this is an easy way to sample some of the best cars on the market without breaking the bank to do so.

Original newspapers from the day they were born – Authentic newspapers or other documents published on the day they were born is one of the most thoughtful presents one can offer a more mature lady or gentleman. It’ll likely provoke them to recall some of their most personal memories, so be prepared for the possible emotional backlash to come – have some time set aside to listen to their stories. In fact, as they get even older you’ll probably have to listen to many more, so there’s no better time than the present to get some practice in.

A 50-year old malt whiskey gift set – Gifts such as this rare whiskey set are invaluable for showing the 50-year old gentleman (or lady, if they’re into this sort of thing too) in your life how much you care. These can be timeless gifts for him or her. While trying a whiskey the same age as they are is a novelty gift in itself, this set is more than a gimmick; it comes with a special commemorative glass as well. Of course, other sets besides this particular whiskey, and besides whiskey itself, are available. You can’t go far wrong at all in choosing a gift set specifically suited to their own personality.

With these gift ideas in tow, you have the ability to mark someone’s 50th birthday with one of the most memorable gifts or experiences they’ve ever had. Let go of the perceived stereotypes surrounding mid-age, and give them something they’ll treasure for life – however long it may turn out to be.



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