Back dimples – Why are they so desirable?

Back dimples – Why are they so desirable? – words Alexa Wang

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” You have probably heard this saying a thousand times. Now it sounds like a cliché.

However, it is a truism that will never fade into oblivion as long as man exists. It defines how people have different standards of beauty. These ideals differ from country to country and from one community to another.


Are you aware of face dimples?  Some people call them deformities. Others desire and consider individuals with these small visible indentations as being beautiful or cute. However, have you ever heard of back dimples?

They are visible depressions on either side of the spine. You will find them just above the butt. According to scientists, they form due to a visible cleft in the sacroiliac joint, which develops due to the stretching of the short ligament between the skin and posterior iliac spine. For the average person, let just stick to cute back dimples.

Apparently, both men and women have them. Women with the dimples have their genes to thank. Why is it so? In women, back dimples signify beauty and sexiness. Venus dimples are signs of a healthy body and good circulation.

Originally, people coined the name Dimples of Venus to describe and show their attributes. Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty. She mothered the Roman people. Her functions included beauty, love, sex, prosperity, victory, desire, and fertility. She, of course, led many a good Roman to stray and become a cheating spouse.

Ties to Sex

Seemingly, people with back dimples can reach orgasm easily. It is because the dimples somewhat facilitate good circulation. In addition, the dimples have a strategic location near the pelvic area.

How to Get Back Dimples

Do you want back dimples, and all these attributes? You need to have a hereditary condition or a natural tendency to develop them. If you lack this condition, there is no hope for you. The dimples are in an area where there are no sufficient muscles. It is just skin and bones.

In this regard, when a person ages or gains weight, the dimple may exuberate and seem more prominent. Consequently, if your skin becomes tight and thin, the dimple may become less noticeable. Eating certain diets and exercise may combat these puckers. However, note that the results may differ from person to person because everyone is unique.

According to, a high percentage of lean athletes spot Venus dimples or dimples of Apollo. They claim that lower back exercises and cardiovascular conditioning can help someone in their quest to achieve back dimples. If you are ready to reduce your fat percentage through cardiovascular conditioning, it is you to decide.

Overall, dimples or not, everyone is special and unique. If you have dimples, thank your genes. You might have them, but you are yet to find out. Grab a mirror and have a peak. Another thing, do not get rid of them. You risk losing these amazing benefits. Moreover, there are always under your shirt protected from judging eyes.

Back dimples – Why are they so desirable? – words Alexa Wang


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