Best Practices to Winterize Windows in Winnipeg

Best Practices to Winterize Windows in Winnipeg – words Alan Woods

As fall approaches, it not only brings lower temperatures, but also higher energy bills. This results in a large number of Winnipeg residents looking for ways to winterize their home’s windows.

If you live in this region and would like to find cost-effective and practical ways to prepare your home’s windows for the plummeting winter temperatures, read on.


Winterize Windows

Search for Leaks and Repair Them

As windows get older, they become less efficient at keeping cold air outdoors. One of the easiest ways to find out if any of your home’s windows are letting in air when they are closed is to hold a lit candle close to the edges of the frame – take special care with wood frames though. If the flame goes out or flickers, this indicates that there is a leak in that particular area.

The best way to repair leaks is to apply fresh caulking or silicone around the outside perimeter of the window. To ensure that these substances adhere properly, the area should be properly cleaned beforehand. Old silicone and caulking must also be removed. In cases where numerous leaks are present on a particular window, it is best to have it replaced instead.

Put up Heavy Curtains

More than 50% of home owners make use of curtains to keep their homes warmer during winter. Putting up a set of heavy curtains over each window in your home will help keep mild to moderate frame leaks at bay. Nowadays, you can purchase curtains that have been specifically designed to insulate your home and even absorb heat from the sun during the colder months. When buying these curtains, it’s recommended that you purchase the darkest colors possible, as this will help attract even more warmth into your home.

Install Weather Stripping around Sashes

Sashes are the opening and closing parts of windows; and these must seal thoroughly in order to prevent cold air from getting into your home. Although weather stripping can degrade or wear away completely after a few years, it can be easily replaced in most cases, if you do need your sashes replaced companies like SM Sashes can help install new ones for you. Some of the most popular weather stripping materials include felt, tubular rubber gasket, spring v-seal and adhesive-backed foam insulation.

Use Window Insulation Kits

If you live in a rental property and need affordable and temporary window insulation, consider using a window insulation kit. These work by sealing the entire window behind a sheet of shrink-wrap plastic, which adheres to the window casing with double-sided tape. Although applying heat from a blow dryer over the plastic will provide a tight seal, you will have to wait until the weather warms up before these windows can be opened again.

Preparing your home’s windows for the winter by using any of the above mentioned methods can help reduce your energy bills by up to 10% – especially if you live in a larger property. If your home’s windows seem to be letting in more air than they are keeping out when they are closed, it is time to consider replacing them. Contact the team at Canadian Choice Windows & Doors for further information today.

Best Practices to Winterize Windows in Winnipeg – words Alan Woods







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