Top Spots That are Worth Visiting Once in Your Lifetime

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Whether you’re an avid traveler with an aim to visit every country in the world, or just someone who wants to knock a few things off their bucket list when they pile up a few extra vacation days – there are some spots in the world that simply everyone should see at least once.

And we’re not even talking about the seven wonders of the world, we’re just talking about the right combination of nature and society at the right time that will blow your socks off with beauty and awe. So, let’s start the list of the top spots worth your visit.

Top Spots Worth Visiting

Grand Canyon

This list couldn’t be complete without at least one spot in the USA, and there is no place more deserving of the title than Grand Teton. You could spend forever in the beauty of nature there, but the folks from suggest pairing it up with Yellowstone and going on an unforgettable trip where you’ll really see the beauties of the Earth from up close and far away. If you go in the wintertime, you might be able to catch some snow sports, but your best friend will really be good hiking boots because there’s so much land to cover and you’ll want to see it all.


This amazing Japanese city is the biggest city in the world, housing millions of people and tourists alike. The reason why it gets a top spot on the list is because of the amazing blend of styles and cultures. On one hand, there are the old traditions of Japan and its culture, whether hidden in small alleys in generational shops, or on the outskirts of the city in temples. On the other, there is a vibrant, neon-colored, fast-paced life that the people in the city live in, which is the biggest rush you’ll ever feel just walking down a street. Whether you want to go to experience the nightlife, the street food, or the amazing fashion you’ll see walking up and down the town – Tokyo is simply a must-see destination for everyone.

The Ring Road

Iceland is a beautiful place where nature really did some of her best work. But to truly experience Iceland, you need to really see all of it – by following the Ring Road. You can’t exactly go through the middle of Iceland, because there’s a bit of a giant glacier in the way, but if you drive around the island with a quick few detours you’ll be able to see everything the island has to offer and you’ll feel the real spirit of Iceland. Make sure you pack warm clothing and plan about ten days to do the entire tour and see everything. The best way to do it is by renting a car since there are a lot of affordable car rental in Iceland, but if you don’t drive – hitchhiking is very popular and relatively safe!

Spots Worth Visiting

Iguazu falls

Taking a trip to the warmer side of things, the Iguazu falls in Brazil are a breathtaking location. A touch smaller than Niagara falls, they are less popular and attacked by tourists. They have an eerie, fairytale-like atmosphere around them and they really just make you sit and think. Make sure you bring a camera, or better yet a pen and pad because that atmosphere cannot be captured in a photograph. It’s a day trip, so make sure you look around to find other attractions you might like, whether it’s walking tours through nature or a nice restaurant to have a great meal to round off the day.


Yes, it really is as magical and romantic as it looks in the photographs – if you manage to avoid the peak season when all the tourists flock in. It really is a romantic city and it’s perfect for lovers of art, history and simply – Venice. The gondola rides might be pricey, but they are very much worth it. Put the phone and the camera away and take things in with all of your senses. Make sure you stop for some of the best food in the world, whether it’s pasta, pizza, fresh seafood, or gelato for dessert. It’s a wonderful experience, and that’s why it’s included in so many Italy tours.

The best part about traveling is that you get to choose where you want to go and where you want to spend your time, so just because a destination is on someone else’s bucket list, doesn’t mean it has to be on yours. Pick the locations that stand out to you and make your own top list. But if you don’t know where to start, visit every destination on this list and then go forward from there.


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