Why is it smarter to invest in a mini cot bed rather than a standard baby cot?

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Having a baby is a joyous and beautiful thing. Parents want their children to have all the comforts possible and keep them safe from harm, especially during the infancy stage. However, knowing what to get and what to avoid can become quite challenging for new parents.

Raising a baby isn’t easy. You need to be smart, patient and willing to compromise where needed to ensure the best care for your newborn. Things that may have seemed simple enough before parenthood can often be a whole lot more difficult than you would have thought.

Buying a cot for the coming baby, for example, may seem like a simple enough task. But what is the best, most comfortable, affordable and practical choice out there? With so many choices to choose from it can quickly become confusing as to what you should buy and where you should buy it from.

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Mini Cot vs. Standard Baby Cots

Standard baby cots can be found in the dime and dozen and come in various shapes, sizes, and material qualities. These baby cots can be quite affordable to fairly expensive depending on what size, material, and manufacturer you are looking to buy from.

Most standard baby cots suffer from the same problem. Your baby quickly outgrows the size of the cot and now you are left with a bulky piece of furniture that is taking up unnecessary room space.

The mini cot bed from mokee offers the ideal solution to this problem and helps extend the useful life of the cot using clever engineering and design.

The mini cot bed has a beautiful and luxurious finish and uses only premium quality materials that are eco-friendly. The cot itself is made from sustainably sourced ecological beech wood and water-based paint and fulfill all British Safety Standards for cots.

The mini cot also offers parents the ability to customize there baby cot bed to their desired needs. Parents can choose the type of color, design, and bedding for their cot as well as add custom features such as a toy holder as well the option to add extra storage to turn the cot into a changing station as well.

The cleverness doesn’t end here. A mini cot’s ace feature is the fact that it has a removable panel that transforms the baby cot into a toddler bed. This means that your baby cot bed will come in handy from the time your child is born till the age of three.

A mini cots compact design also makes it a great choice if you have a nursing room that is lacking in terms of space.

The mini cot bed also has several other clever features that make them superior to other standard baby cots. A mini cot bed comes with eight adjustable height settings so you can adjust the depth of the mattress accordingly as your child grows.

Once your child is around two years old the mini cot also converts into a toddler-sized bed saving you money.


The mini cot bed is a far superior choice than a standard baby cot as they are safer, more practical and better looking than most other alternatives. The mini cot is also affordable and easy to assemble with many clever features that make it simply a must-have for new parents around the world.

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