How to be a responsible dog owner in 8 ways

words Alexa Wang

responsible dog owner

Caring for a pet can be both exhausting and rewarding. Dogs, in particular, require a lot of attention and commitment to stay healthy. If you’re thinking about getting a dog or just want to step up your game and become a responsible dog owner, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. 

Just check out the next 8 expert tips to become the proud owner of a happy, healthy furball.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

We know that this is easier said than done, and we can’t expect you to completely change your schedule to spend more time with your dog. However, you must understand that dogs are sensitive creatures and can keenly feel the absence of their owners. So, you have to allocate some of your free time to play with your dog or take it for a walk. On the other hand, if you’re always busy with work and can’t be home 24/7, consider having a friend or a family member to take care of your dog when you’re not around. This way, you can be sure that your dog is in good hands.

Take Care of Your Dog’s Diet

If this is your first time getting a dog and don’t know what to feed it, you may go for commercial dog food brands. However, the animal behaviorists at recommend that you check product reviews as well before buying any food brand, whether it’s wet or dry food. Also, ask your vet for advice, as they can recommend certain food brands that can help you offer your dog a balanced diet. Alternatively, to ensure the quality of your dog’s food, you can prepare it yourself at home. Although it can take some time and effort, doing so can put your mind at ease.

Dog-proof Your Home

Just like children, dogs are fond of exploring their surroundings; thus, you must ensure that your home is safe enough. Start with covering any exposed wires to prevent the risk of electric shocks. Moreover, keep your dryer and washing machine always closed, especially if you have a puppy that is small enough to hide in these spaces! 

Crate-train Your Do

To ensure more safety for your furry friend, consider crate training it early on to avoid any mishaps. A crate can work as a “den” or a safe space for your dog. So, to start the training, you need to make the crate look tempting by leaving your dog’s toys inside. Furthermore, you can close the door of the crate while your dog is eating inside to help it get used to it. In any case, increase the time the dog stays inside the crate gradually until it can stay all night in it with no problem.

Take Your Dog to the Vet

responsible dog tips

This goes without saying; if you want your furball to stay healthy, you need to take it to the vet every now and then. Make sure to give it its vaccinations on time, and consult your vet if your dog’s breed is known to have specific health issues. You don’t have to wait for your dog to show signs of illness before you take it to the vet; regular visits are always recommended.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog

Granted, you may want to fill your home with puppies, but any responsible dog owner knows that the right thing to do is to spay or neuter domesticated dogs. Doing so will not only control the number of poor dogs that end up homeless, but it can also keep your dog in tip-top shape. Spaying and neutering are known to prevent tumors and other severe illnesses, so be responsible, and schedule an appointment to get it done as soon as possible.

Groom Your Dog

The good news is that dogs like water, so yours will not give you a hard time when you bathe it! Always use dog shampoo when bathing your furry buddy, and steer away from human products because they include harsh chemicals. Also, brush your dog’s coat every once in a while to prevent matted, tangled fur.

Keep Your Dog Active

Just like humans, dogs need physical stimulation to stay healthy. Therefore, you need to take your dog for a walk at least once a day. Moreover, you can take it to a dog park where it can socialize with other dogs. Not only will this help your dog stay in good shape, but it will also strengthen your bond.

If you want to be a responsible dog owner, there are many things to keep in mind. From feeding your dog well to keeping it active and groomed, you must be always there for it. Remember, to you, your dog is only a part of your life, but to it, you’re its whole world, so live up to the responsibility!


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