IPTV set-top box vs. Smart TV – the Pros and Cons you should know about

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Have you decided to upgrade your TV experience but have no idea what to invest in? For many people choosing between IPTV set-top box and Smart TV is a difficult choice to make. With all the similar options and features they can offer, it’s hard to decide which one to fancy. But, the real question is, which of these options would better suit your taste?

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IPTV Set-Top Boxes vs. Smart TV: Which One to Pick?

At first sight, Smart TVs seem to be the better option. People don’t have to deal with the hassle of searching for a spot to put the IPTV and connect it. To avoid ruining the aesthetic of thin TV sets, people often go for a Smart TV. But is that the right choice?

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of owning a Smart TV or an IPTV Set-Top box to figure out which one would make for a solid pick.

What to Expect from IPTV Set-Top box

The IPTV Set-Top box is an add-on or a gadget that will be linked to the TV. The moment it’s attached, it provides the TV with immediate content access. Therefore, TVs that are can’t do what Smart TV can now have access to apps and movies. Here are the positive and negative sides of owning one.


  • Can be used on any TV model
  • Most models supports 4k resolution
  • Solid UI performance
  • Easy to manage
  • Less likely to get outdated.
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What to Expect from Smart TV

The arrival of Smart TVs has paved the way for a completely different dimension of video experience. They come in a full package. Everything of use will be already integrated into the TV, which has made it the go-to option for watching movies, programs, and shows. Here are the positive and negative sides of owning one.


  • Fewer cables to work with
  • Easy to set up and get used to
  • Aesthetically pleasing.


  • Price
  • Expensive to fix
  • Some models don’t support 4K resolution
  • Might show delay
  • Constantly gets outdated.


The only major appeal to Smart TVs is their aesthetic. They come with a thin screen and slightly curved edges that can fit in any room. But, when it comes to making a more affordable and flexible choice, the TV box from SwitchOnShop may be the smarter option. Even old generation Smart TVs with outdated systems can stream online content with IPTV Set-Top box at a much lower price.


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