How to Know if a Dedicated Proxy Is Right for You

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With so many types of proxies out there, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. If you’ve done a little bit of research about proxies, you’ve probably seen that dedicated or private ones are regarded as the best type of proxies.

But, they are a bit more expensive than other proxies, so how to know if they are the right choice for you?

Dedicated Proxy

Should You Use Dedicated Proxies?

Nowadays, you can find plenty of free proxy lists on the internet and use them to mask your identity online. For example, the free proxies at provide a good level of anonymity and stability.

But, there are also paid proxy services, including dedicated proxies whose price is a bit higher than others. So, how to know if you really need them and whether they are worth it?

To make the decision easier for you, we’ll tell you the qualities of dedicated proxies and their most common use cases. But first, let’s explain what they are.

What Are Dedicated Proxies?

Dedicated proxies, also called private proxies, are exclusive proxies that are used by one user or device at a time. They give you total control over the proxy’s IP address, security, and bandwidth as they are only being used by you. When using a dedicated proxy, you have a proxy server dedicated to you.

As the only user of the proxy, you don’t get to share the bandwidth with anyone. This provides you with a fast connection that’s always needed. Overall, these proxies offer more anonymity, security, and control than public and semi-dedicated proxies. This is why they are usually more expensive and it’s often hard to buy dedicated proxies cheap.

To make things clearer, public proxies are free and are used by many users at a given time. Semi-dedicated proxies are shared by a few users.

Qualities of Dedicated Proxies

Here are the major qualities of dedicated proxies that explain the reason for their high demand and price:

  • A high degree of internet anonymity

With a dedicated proxy, you’ll be using a unique IP address that will hide your identity online better than any other proxy. The proxy will ensure no one can trace its IP address back to your device since it’s not your real IP address.

  • Bandwidth saving and high speed

Users of other types of proxies often complain about slow internet connections. That’s because they share their bandwidth with tens or even hundreds of other users. With dedicated proxies, you won’t have this problem as you’re not sharing them with anyone else.

So, if it takes more than a minute for a semi-dedicated proxy to complete a task and even longer for a public proxy, a dedicated proxy will need a couple of seconds to do the same thing.

Dedicated Proxy
  • Protection from hackers

Dedicated and shared proxies are managed by legitimate companies, unlike public ones which have suspicious and unknown owners. In fact, many free proxies are operated by hackers that can easily connect to your system and steal sensitive and financial information.

As soon as you know, you may end up with an empty bank account and a stolen identity. With dedicated proxies, you can rest assured your data and identity is safe and secure.

Top Use Cases for Dedicated Proxies

The qualities of dedicated proxies make them ideal for activities that require optimal speed, security, and anonymity, such as:

  • SEO purposes

Since dedicated proxies provide higher speed, anonymity, and security than shared and public proxies, they are the best for web scraping and other SEO activities.

  • Streaming videos and movies from anywhere

With a dedicated proxy, you’ll get the speeds you need to stream videos and movies in HD even when you travel to countries that don’t allow the streaming site or service.

  • Cop sneakers

When copping sneakers with bots, you’ll need a proxy to avoid being detected and banned. A dedicated proxy will provide you with a fast connection that will help you get your favorite kicks as soon as they hit the market.

In Conclusion

Without a doubt, private or dedicated proxies have qualities that make their price worth it. They are the best option if you need to perform tasks that require optimal online security, speed, and anonymity such as streaming videos, web scraping, and copping sneakers.

But, if you just want to surf the net more anonymously, shared or public proxies could be a good option.


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