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Nothing feels as good as transforming your apartment into a home. It has its own sense of thrill, adventure, and warmth all at the same time. As exciting as it is, it involves a lot of planning to make sure that you have everything you need. As you furnish your new home, you don’t want to pay any extra visits to domestic appliance stores because you forgot a crucial item in your kitchen. Remember though that you don’t always need to replace an appliance – you can get them repaired at reputable outfits such as https://www.trent-appliance.com/.

If you’re just getting started, here are 8 appliances that your kitchen surely needs to improve your home:


This one is a no-brainer! You need a fridge to store all your food better. But the real question when it comes to getting a fridge is, which kind of fridge do you need? What size? You’ll find way too many options in the market. One good example is Butterfly Marketing Limited where you can find good quality and durability products of fridge or refrigerator that are best for your kitchen. For starters, you’ll find the fridges to be marked depending on their energy efficiency, starting from the letter “A” and so on. “A” means the best when it comes to its efficiency in operating and saving energy. Next comes the size of the fridge, which depends entirely on the amount of people in the residence and the size of your kitchen. If you’re living alone, you won’t require plenty of fridge and freezer space; however, a larger fridge is required if you’re feeding a big family.

Pressure cookers

There’s a unique kind of taste that comes with slow-cooked meals. It allows you to enjoy and appreciate the food. But, unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of spending all their time cooking. If you do want to get the same delicious taste nonetheless, albeit without spending hours in the kitchen, then your best course of action is to get a pressure cooker.

These cookers place the food under a lot of pressure, accelerating the cooking process while mimicking the actions of slow-cooking. You can go for manual pressure cookers or opt for an electric one for an even increased efficiency. There are a lot of new kitchen innovations that may surprise you, and the power pressure cooker xl is one way to make your life easier as this electric cooker decreases your meal preparation time by 70% in comparison to traditional pressure cookers. They also come with a lot of options so you can choose the program that you want, and leave it to do the cooking for you.

Food processor

A food processor is going to be your absolute best friend in the kitchen. That’s because food processors provide you with many solutions packed in one item. If you want a smoothie, you can use your food processor. If you’re baking a pizza or a cake, it’s got your back. Want to grind meat, blend salad, make pasta, or ground cheese? You know what to do!

Stove and oven

If you’re going to be baking, then you definitely need an oven. In fact, you’ll need an oven to cook many of your favorite dishes, alternating between oven-cooked and grilled meals. There’s no doubt about needing a stove either. Whether you want to heat food, cook pasta, or prepare any kind of meal, the stove is usually your go-to. And when you think of it, getting a stove with an oven compartment is the best value for money you can have, instead of purchasing them separately.


Some people might think that the presence of an oven compensates for the need of a microwave. After all, they’re both there to heat food, why get two items that achieve the same purpose? The truth is, you’ll still need a microwave even if you own an oven, for multiple reasons: for starters, why would you operate the whole oven if all you want is to defrost a slice of bread or a slice of pizza? That would be such a waste of gas or electricity. A microwave is also much faster in the heating and defrosting of meals. As for the quality of the heating, a microwave will keep the soft and crispy nature of your food intact,  serving it as it was intended, as opposed to oven-heating.

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This item comes in to save the day for busy individuals once again. No need to dread your kitchen appointment after every visit anymore, or avoiding having any guests over altogether. A dishwasher will do all the washing for you so you can relax after your meals, free of all chores.

Coffee maker

What’s the first thing you need as soon as you wake up? If your answer to this question is “Coffee”, then a coffee maker is a must. Even if you’re not a coffee-addict, having your own coffee maker to make your coffee is just as important. A coffee maker can be a simple instrument to make Turkish coffee, or a more advanced coffee machine to cover all of your espresso, macchiato, and American coffee needs. Trust us, the taste of coffee made by a coffee maker is a completely divine experience. It’s worth the investment!

Water heater

Here’s another way you can save on your gas: heating water in a water heater or an electric kettle instead. A water heater is not only gas-efficient, but it’s practical and very easy to use. Whether you want to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate, or wish to quickly boil water for your pasta or noodles, a water heater will come in very handy. You won’t have to take out any utensils to heat water, or keep waiting on the stove for it to boil. As soon as the water boils in the heater, it turns off automatically – saving on your electricity bills, too.

When preparing to get your kitchen all stocked up and ready to use, you should plan accordingly. You don’t need all of the appliances in the market, but there are some items that you just can’t do without. For starters, can you imagine living without a fridge, a stove, or an oven? While these appliances are obviously a necessity, there are other appliances that are as efficient and will make your life so much easier. These include pressure cookers, kitchen machines, microwaves, dishwashers, coffee makers, and water heaters.

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