Digitalisation of gift-giving: Top 5 online gift boxes

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online gift boxes

Digitalisation has completely changed the face of many aspects of our lives, including shopping and gift-giving.

Whilst arguments can be made that this has resulted in a rise impersonalised gifts like gift cards to major online retailers, this has also given plenty of unique retailers the chance to bring their gifts and products to the masses. Here is a list of some of our favourite online gift boxes and products.

Pact Coffee

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Trading directly with farmers, Pact Coffee is making a huge impact in the coffee industry by cutting out the middle man and paying their farmers a fairer price. This is the ideal gift for the coffee enthusiasts in your life. You can either buy a gift directly from their shop, such as a taster pack, or set up gift card so your recipient can decide which artisan coffee they like to receive as well as where and how. Pact Coffee offer their coffee grounded, as whole beans or in a pod.


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If your recipient is more of a tea addict, then Piacha will make a great gift. They are always looking for new and unique tea blends. Made with whole leaf teas, the different flavours are created through expert blending with fruit, spices and flowers. Take your pick between different gifting options, from a subscription card to a dedicated gift box with a selection of delicious teas. Gift boxes also come with an infuser to brew the perfect cup of tea.

Bloom Magic

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Bloom Magic allows you to send fresh flowers anywhere in the UK. Ideal for special occasions as well as those moments where you want to show your loved ones that you care, Bloom Magic can deliver your bouquet as quick as next day. With a range of unique designs, you can tailor your chosen arrangement based on your loved one’s favourite flower or colour. You can view their bouquets by occasion, or simply see the entire collection and all they have on offer.

Cocoa Runners

online gift boxes

Is your friend a chocoholic? Look no further than Cocoa Runners! They search high and low for the best artisan chocolate bars around the world, and they are constantly on the lookout for new chocolate makers and bars. They have a diverse range of gift options available, including dedicated white, milk and dark chocolates gift boxes. Don’t worry if your chocoholic loves all kinds of chocolates – they also do a great mixed gift box!

The Box Of

Created in a mission of self-care, The Box Of was founded by two sisters that are looking help people find life’s special moments and little joys. These have to be one of the best curated gift box companies. Not only do they have a selection of gifts arranged by mood and occasion, such as candles, they also offer boxes for purchase, from one-off to subscription boxes. Choose whichever box suits your loved one best and give them a personalised, thoughtful present.



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