Latest trends from fashion runways for 2018

Latest trends from fashion runways for 2018 – Alexa Wang

Fashion shows are among the most important events in women’s fashion. If a trend is featured in a fashion runway of a well-known fashion designer, then it won’t be long before you’ll see such a trend in the racks of cool brands like Tribal.

So if you want to get right on top of the latest trends in fashion before everyone else, check this out:


Dark Denim

This seems like an inevitable trend, as just about everyone has been wearing the same light-colored hues. For people who like to stand out, dark denim is the obvious alternative. It was all the rage in the most recent runway shows, and the look should hit the streets pretty soon. Besides, dark denim seems easier to take care of as it doesn’t show grim as easily as its light-colored counterparts.

Floral Designs from the 1960s

These floral designs come with a definite retro look, so they look fresh since it comes with a rather innocent air that suggests the 1960s. It’s cool and playful, and it’s a nice change to your everyday solid colors.


The resurgence of fringe makes sense when you also realize that the floral designs from the ‘60s are also becoming more popular. Fringe is always about fun, and it also provides a lot of glamour and drama to any fashion accessory. You’ll find the fringes on skirts and tops, and even handbags can have fringes nowadays. You can tone down the look for more subtle fringes, but that air of fun is simply undeniable.


Earlier this year, checked blazers in muted gray were all the rage, but now the look has evolved to full-colored plaid. It’s a look that was seen among the models on the runways and the celebrities among the audience. You can wear plaid in blazers and coats, but plaid trousers are available as well. In fact, some accessories can be unexpectedly plaid to help break a monotonous look.

Wearable Art

Art and fashion has always intersected through the decades, and now in 2018 that has become even more obvious. Versace shows featured striking pieces that seem to be inspired by Andy Warhol, while the Prada collection displayed a heightened sense of fun and whimsy with cartoon works of art. Again, solid colors may be safe, but it’s high time to have fun and experiment. That’s especially true for the young as well as for the young at heart.

Lovely Lavender

Pink has always been the de facto fashion color of femininity, but that’s about to be challenged by lavender. More specifically, the color you’ll want to try is this feminine and pretty lavender in a pastel shade. It makes a dramatic statement on social media, and you can find it everywhere including evening dresses, workwear pantsuits, and comfy sweaters. It may be a pale hue of lavender, but it’s not a pale imitation of a great fashion color for women.

Trench Coats for Women

Who says that trench coats are just for men? While the trench coat can give off a sense of gravitas and authority on men, on women the effect seems much more fun. Feminine cuts reduce the masculine effect, plus many of these trench coats come with ruffles and feathers that not conservative man will dare try out. For women, these are just par for the course.

Workout Fashion Gear

With everyone seemingly trying to get healthy through proper workouts, it’s not surprising that workout gear has transitioned to casualwear. This trend has been around for a few years now, and there’s no sign that it will die down. After all, basketball sneakers are still known as the height of cool, so shirts and shorts for working out aren’t far behind. They’re comfy and cool in more than ways than one!

Latest trends from fashion runways for 2018 – Alexa Wang




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