How to choose a bathing suit for your body type

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Choosing a bathing suit may not be something you look forward to, but it doesn’t have to be something you dread. Knowing how to choose a bathing suit for your body type and your physical features can make it a more comfortable experience, and you’ll likely feel better wearing your suit as well.

All of us have different body types, which means different suits are going to be flattering on us.

When you’re shopping swimwear from companies like La Blanca, they have so many options that will work well for a variety of body types, but you need to know your body type and how to flatter it first and foremost.

Sometimes the most frustrating part of choosing a bathing suit comes from the fact that we have a style in mind, and when we try it on it just doesn’t fit quite right or flatter us.

The following are some of the important things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing a bathing suit for your body type.

What Body Type Are You?

A good starting point for choosing a bathing suit that’s right for you is having a general understanding of what the body types are.

Some of the most common body types include:

  • Straight or rectangle: With this body type your waist may be about the same as your hips and bust, and your shoulders and hips are probably the same widths. Sometimes this body type is also called a banana.
  • The pear: The pear-shaped body type means that your hips are probably the widest part of you, and your bust and shoulders may be narrower. If you’re a pear, you may have a well-defined waist.
  • Hourglass: The hourglass figure means that you have a waist that’s narrower than your hips and bust, and you may be fairly proportional throughout.
  • Apple: The apple body type is also known as an inverted triangle. If you’re this shape, you may have a bust and shoulders that are bigger than your hips.
  • Round/oval: This is a term used to describe someone with a fuller midsection and a larger bust, but narrow hips.
  • Athletic: An athletic body type has similarities to the straight body shape. An athletic body type means that your shoulders and hips are around the same size, and your waist may be narrower, but not much.

If you’re not sure what your body type is, you can get a better idea by taking your measurements. You can measure your shoulder width, your bustline, your waist, and hips.

If You Have a Small Chest…

Your bustline is an important component of choosing the right bathing suit for you. If you have a smaller chest, the idea is to choose a suit that has something at the top that will add volume or create the illusion of a fuller chest.

For example, you might want a suit that has ruffles or some sort of detailing at the chest.

If you have a big chest, you might want to avoid string bikinis because they can be uncomfortable and might not give you the support you want. Underwear and bathing suits that come in cup sizes are helpful for a large chest, as are thicker straps.

For bigger chest, bandeau tops tend to make your chest look even larger than it is. Wide-set straps can be a good way to offset the size of your chest.

If You’re Pear-Shaped…

If you have a pear-shaped body, a two-piece suit can work well. This lets you choose different sizes for your top and bottom, rather than having a suit that fits on the bottom and not the top or vice-versa.

A darker-colored bottom and a brighter top can draw the eye upward and balance your body, and you should consider simple, streamlined bottoms without a lot of details.

If You Want to Cover Your Tummy…

There are several body types that might include a bit of a tummy, and one-piece suits can make you look longer and leaner. You can also opt for a one-piece suit that has a panel on the sides because that will give you a more defined waist.

A high-waisted bikini bottom can work well too. If you’re concerned about your love handles, a high-waisted bathing suit bottom is a good option for you, too, but when you’re choosing one, make sure it goes above the belly button.

If You Have a Straight or Athletic Figure…

If you have a straight or athletic body, you want things that will add the illusion of more curviness. You can choose bathing suits that have cups at the top or ruffles. You can also choose bold prints and colors.

Don’t opt for bathing suits that don’t have any shape, such as a suit with a boy-short bottom because this will make your figure look even straighter.

If You Have a Short Torso…

If you’re shorter in the middle, your goal is to add length. To do this, choose a suit that brings the eye upward. For example, a bikini with a halter top can bring the eye and put the attention at your shoulders, which will make it look like you’re longer overall, including in your mid-section.

If You’re An Apple…

If you’re an apple shape, you may have larger hips and a more voluminous midsection and thinner legs. The goal here is to balance out your hips, and a good way to do that is with an off-the-shoulder swimsuit. You can do either a  one or two-piece that’s off-the-shoulder.

Finally, as far as patterns go, if you choose a bathing suit with a print, you might opt for one that’s very small. A small print makes you look smaller. On the other hand, if you want to look curvier, choose a bigger print.

Above all, when you’re choosing a bathing suit, play around a bit and find one that makes you feel comfortable because that’s ultimately what’s going to look best.


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