Modern day use of technology in video making

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Technology in our modern days has completely turned filmmaking upside down. Digital cameras are getting smaller, cheaper, and with a better resolution every day. Our phones can now take 360-degree photos. Making videos are getting easier with just a few clicks of a button.

It’s an amazing time to be alive. But other than the increased filming quality and the accurate cameras, what are the other innovative technologies that have completely changed the game of video making?

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The Use of Drones In The Entertainment Industry

These annoying devices that your neighbor’s kids are always playing around with are way more important in different industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and even in the entertainment industry. Drones are now an essential filmmaking device that some directors can’t shoot without. The professional image qualities and the ability of the drone to shoot while moving have revolutionized many aspects of the filmmaking industry such as cutting costs, ending up with better quality, and speeding up the making process.

With the emergence of the DJI drone, the DJI Inspire 3 is coming out this year. There are some dji inspire 3 rumors that stated that some of the expected specifications such as the introduction of 8k videos@30fps, improved camera quality with 6k videos, far more superior intelligent flight modes, and other mind-blowing specs. According to the whispers here and there, this new drone is expected to completely change everything we now know about making videos.

Old Times and Nowadays

In the past, people couldn’t make videos without buying cameras. Nowadays, we are soon expecting to make a film just by using smartphones. The smartphone filming gears isn’t just a dystopian concept as some might think, and it isn’t a far down the line idea that will only happen in 50 years. The use of iPhones has already happened multiple times. Technological advances have led to the ease of turning your normal iPhone into a professional piece of video equipment.

Algorithm Editing

While some might think that this is an idea out of a Black Mirror episode, but algorithmic editing technologies are just on the horizon in our modern days. MIT researchers are developing these technologies that are expected to replace human film and video editing jobs soon enough. Depending on the way you look at it, facial recognition, automatic labeling, and algorithmic editing are all innovative technologies that can be considered frightening. Yet, at the same time, these technologies have changed our modern world, whether it’s for unlocking our devices, or for changing the whole filming industry.

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Dual Camera VR

Filmmakers are now embracing the use of VR in their filming yet the audience might be a bit unsure about these sudden changes. We are still getting used to virtual and augmented reality devices and applications. Yet, this device has presented itself to make virtual reality more realistic. This 360 viewing and recording is far more realistic, as it reveals how we experience our daily lives.

Whether we are ready for it or not, the future is literally here. These advanced technologies have been developed for quite some time right now. It’s expected that we start seeing some drastic changes in the entertainment industry, especially when it comes to making videos and films. From using drones as cameramen to turning our iPhones into filmmaking gear, technology has never been more exciting.


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