Correct order on how to apply beauty products in all skin types

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apply beauty products

Some dermatologists say that proper order application of skincare products ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each product. As cliche as it may sound, skin care is more important than makeup. You have to invest in buying quality skincare items to take good care of your skin.

In fact, some cosmetic companies in the market today incorporate skincare benefits of their products to enhance natural radiance like Jane Iredale makeup kits. They produce clean and high performance makeup, free of parabens, non-comedogenic and cruelty free. If you really love and enjoy putting on makeup, these types of products will maximize and simplify your beauty routine.

To help you achieve that poreless and luminous skin, here are the correct order on how to apply beauty products in all skin types.


It is really important to cleanse the skin because it removes all the dirt settled on the skin that may lead to acne or breakout and other skin problems. This will also ensure that there are no makeup residues left on your skin that could cause irritations. Removing impurities would make all the products that you will apply on your skin later even better. It will penetrate the skin deeper to get those products where you need them. You should use a cleanser during the night and even in the morning to start with a clean face when you apply makeup.


Toners are good for keeping the skin pH balance after using cleansers. This step will help remove dead cells that can interfere with the absorption of your other products. There are different types of toners that you can see in stores and online, each one is intended for different skin types. Some toners are formulated with rosemary and essential oils to tighten the pore. There are spray forms that you can just spritz on your face or you can also those ones in a bottle that you can pour on a cotton pad and easily swipe all over your face. It is important to allow it to fully dry before you go on to the next step.


This is a new category that is popular and being raved in the skin care community. Essences are light-weight hydrators that help serums and moisturizers pull in deeper to the skin to give you more hydrating benefits. To use it, put a couple of drops in your palm, then warm it up before placing it in the dry areas of your face.


Most serums contain active ingredients that bring great change in the skin. They are concentrated and address specific concerns. There are various serums available which provide a variety of benefits like anti-aging, acne fighting, hydrating, exfoliating, vitamin C, antioxidant and skin repair serums.  Everyone can benefit from incorporating serums in their routine. To use a serum, take 1 to 2 pumps and spread the product on your fingertips, then slowly massage and press it into your face for it to sink into your face really nicely.


It is a must on a day time skin care routine to make sure that you have a protection against UV rays. It protects sensitive skin against sunburn and it reduces the appearance of sun damage – discolorations and dark spots, sagging or leathery skin, and wrinkles. These protections help your skin maintain a more even skin tone overall. Some experts recommend that sunscreen should be applied before moisturizer. You don’t want any creamy, oily products to dilute its absorption and reduce your protection from the sun.

Eye Cream

Never neglect the eye area. It is very important to incorporate eye cream to your skincare routine daily at its one of the first places that shows signs of aging.


You may hear some say that you can skip this part if you have an oily skin, but everyone needs moisturizer for extra hydration. It is best to apply this on a damp skin after applying some serums and treatment essence. If you’re using an acne spot treatment, do not apply moisturizer in those areas to make sure the ingredients will not interfere with one another.

apply skin products

Skin care routine is different for each individual so it’s about finding the routine that works best for you. You have to give your skin time to respond to the products you’re using and not expect to see instantaneous change. Don’t look for a quick fix, if you have patience and consistency you will eventually get the result you wanted.


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