Looking For A Pandemic Puppy?

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Looking for a puppy to comfort you during the pandemic? You are not alone. In fact, the pandemic has caused a surge in the breeding industry because of increasing demand. 

Pandemic Puppy

That’s understandable because getting a puppy greatly helps in times of loneliness and stress. But before getting one to be your new pet, it’s important to know why you should do so and how you’re going to take care of your pooch.

Puppies Are Appreciating

Big Retail and Big Tech have been able to scale up production quite easily to meet demand. In most categories, this means that supply has been able to keep up with demand. Breeders are a different matter. It is not so easy to scale up the production of puppies, nor would a legitimate breeder want to. 

That would effectively make them a puppy mill owner and we all know the evil of those places. What this means is that the supply of purebred puppies, like English Bulldogs and Great Danes, has remained relatively stable. The demand, on the other hand, is another matter altogether. It has gone through the roof. Basic rules of economics will tell you what happens when supply can not keep up with demand. Prices go up and the price of puppies is going up fast.

The Case Of The French Bulldog

Pandemic Puppy

Let’s look at French Bulldogs because they are a prime example of the rising cost of puppies. This has always been an expensive dog due to the high costs of breeding.  They essentially can not breed by themselves so a breeder has to pay for every step in the process. This means everything from artificial insemination to a cesarean section. Then, when it is all said and done, the average litter size is just 3 puppies.

All of this adds up to a puppy that before Covid, cost $3500 on average. That is fairly expensive for a puppy but now after Covid, $3500 seems like a steal. The professionals behind PuppyLending.com say that the increase in price is mainly because of the high demand for puppies during the pandemic. In a way, prices have gone up to over 42%. As you can see, puppies are clearly appreciating in value.

Can You Afford A Puppy Anymore?

Of course, you can. There is never going to be a shortage of puppies in rescues and local animal shelters. Adoption fees generally range from $250 to $500 and that will likely get you a pet who has already been spayed or neutered.

But what if you are hung up on getting a full-bred puppy? Well, you still have some options but that is going to cost you either money or time. Here are your options.

Puppy Financing

Yes, you can really finance a puppy. In fact, it has become fairly mainstream, thanks to the ease of getting one online. Just enter some basic information and poof, you get a quote from reputable sources. Some sellers even state that lenders pay you money directly. This could very well be a good thing because most breeders do not accept financing directly. Their puppies are obviously in high demand, so why should they deal with the extra paperwork that comes with financing.

Puppy Savings

This one might surprise you just as much as pet financing did. There are actually pet-specific saving accounts. These accounts from credit unions have a number of benefits compared to a regular personal savings account. For one, they often have higher interest rates than a traditional savings account. This might only be a half to maybe a full percentage point. Not a huge difference, but every dollar counts when you are trying to save for a puppy. Why leave money on the table.

Another benefit is that these accounts often have special discounts for things like pet health insurance and pet supplies. Some will even make donations to pet charities. If saving is the route you take to get your new puppy, you should surely take advantage of a pet-specific savings account. Then, once you have made your purchase, you can keep it open and funded to pay for future pet medical costs. This has become increasingly popular as an alternative to expensive pet health insurance.

Don’t Rush In

A puppy likely seems like a good idea right now, but keep in mind that this pandemic will not last forever. We will likely be getting back to normal over the next year, but that puppy will be with you for 10 to 15 years. You might be working remotely for now, but what happens when you are called back into the office? Will you still have the time to care for your new dog? It’s best to take your time and think hard first before getting a new puppy.

Consider The Cost Of Daycare

Only the most well-trained dogs can go 10 to 12 hours alone in a home. What this means is that, if you get called back to the office, you would likely need to pay for doggie daycare. Doggie daycare, once a thriving business, has taken a bit of a hit with the pandemic. 

All those remote workers have taken the wind out of the sails of the industry. Once people go back to work, the industry should rebound in a big way, especially with all of those pandemic dogs people are buying. Expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $500 a month for doggie daycare. That is the price at current rates. If demand outweighs supply, you could see even higher prices.

Consider Time Constraints

If you are like most of us, you are not doing much of anything right now. A big night might be ordering some food in and binge-watching some shows on Netflix until the wee hours of the morning. That is heaven for your new dog, but it will not last.


Once pandemic restrictions are reduced, most of us will be eager to get out and about again. Dinner ordered in will become a night out at a restaurant and Netflix might be replaced with a concert or even some theater. But what about the dog? They will still need just as much attention as they did during the pandemic.

Rather than rushing into pet ownership, consider whether this new dog fits into your lifestyle before the pandemic. Keep in mind that your current lifestyle is likely only a temporary one. After assessing every aspect of your life, you can then make a wise and informed decision in this matter. Once you do so, you’ll be ready to have a new pet in your everyday life.


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