Why flour sack towels are something you will want to buy

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Flour Sack Towels are a staple buy on our grocery lists. They help us in cleaning, drying dishes, wiping, straining, and a lot more things. Interestingly, there is more to these sheets of white towels. You can create fun craft projects or buy a towel that has already been designed.

These artistic and fun towels look super cool in your own house and they make really cute gifts too. Here are the cutest ten types of flour sack towels that you will not be able to resist buying once you are old.

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Mary’s Kitchen Flour Sack Towel

One of the dreamiest and beautiful things that you would want to do when you are old would be crafting thoughtful little pieces for yourself and for your loved ones. Knitting and embroidery are one of the most popular old age craft hobbies because they help you kill time and maintain focus in something you would enjoy. Moreover, hand embroidered pieces are timeless and easy to protect compared to paint or print. However, the real deal is to find a base fabric that would be perfect for a neat embroidery job without costing you a fortune.

Although Mary’s Kitchen flour sack towels are manufactured specifically for kitchen use, these pure cotton sheets make an excellent base for hand embroidered projects. The texture of the towels feel fine and smooth and the hems are neatly stitched. They fit amazingly well in the hoops. The bright white surface allows the colours to pop vibrantly in your projects. At $1.99 a piece, these flour sack towels by Mary’s Kitchen are an excellent buy.

Utopia Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels

If you are looking for an all rounder dish towel that acts as an excellent drying agent for counter slabs and glassware, amazing strainer and dish rag, hand towel, good when used with machines besides being durable and a great for craft projects, these Dish Towel sets by Utopia are a perfect buy. The fluffy pure white cotton sheets feel smooth when you touch them and are crisp and neat when laid flat on the surface. They not only clean well, but also hoop great for embroidery projects. The absorbency power of these towels makes them a great surface for paints and prints with minimal risk of bleeding.

Amour Infini Flour Sack Towels

One of the strongest contenders in the Kitchen towel game, Amour Infini kitchen towels are one of the products in the market. The towels have top notch quality in terms of everything from material, to weave and finishing. These pure cotton natural ring spun towels are biodegradable which makes them environment friendly. They are are your ultimate answer for kitchen linen, cleaning supplies, baking and cooking and even diaper alternatives.

The Amour Infini Flour Sack towels are excellent for craft projects. They get hooped well and the smooth white texture makes colours allows the colours to come out amazingly well. Unlike many cheap priced towels, the Amour Infini Flour Sack towels do not have any uneven white patches.

Zeppelin Flour Sack Kitchen Towels

Clocking at less than $15 per set, this set of twelve plain white towel blanks measuring 31 x 31 are the most economical kitchen towels are there. The best part is that the quality is super good for a towel that costs less than $2. These 100% ring spun natural cotton flour sack towels are eco-friendly and work impeccably well with baking and cooking. They are super absorbent which makes them excellent for cleaning, wiping and craft projects. If you are looking for some economical material to craft cute tableware such as bread cover, napkins and runners, these Zeppelin towels are the best deal.

Mary Lake Thompson Beehive Flour Sack Towels

These vintage flour sack towels reminds you off the Victorian era with pretty images of bee hive and vines. These towels are great for those who love hand crafted home linen but do not have the time, skills or resources to be able to craft projects on their own. These towels are made in pure cotton and are neatly hemmed. Get these pieces if you are looking for cute gifts for your mother, grandma or even teachers.

Cotton Craft 12 Piece Multi Colour Salsa Stripe Towels

If you are into bright vibrant colour decorative towels, you will not regret buying this set of Salsa towels by Cotton Craft. Each set contains multicoloured striped towels in tomato red, lime green, teal and bright orange. These towels look beautiful in white or pastel colour interiors and work well as hand towels or wipes. That being said, the absorbency power is not good enough to be used for drying dishes but still they are too pretty to be ignored.

Honey Dew Gift Funny Kitchen Towels

Are you a fan of witty humorous quotes scribbled over decoration pieces and home supplies. Although the jokes might be slightly inappropriate, but they have the right kick to give you a mood uplift. Honey Dew has some really fun collection of towels with funny inappropriate quotes screen printed to destress you. These pure cotton towels are very absorbent and are machine friendly. You would love to have something that you can see and laugh once you are old.

BlueQ I Want a Pizza Dish Towel

Who does not dream of a retired life living in a countryside home by a farm savouring a freshly baked pizza while reading a book or knitting a sweater? We can not necessarily promise you that perfect fairy tale life, but this witty ‘I Want a Pizza’ Dish towel will surely make you smile in those rough hours. These BlueQ dish towels are made in pure cotton and have great printing quality so you do boot have to worry about colour bleeding.

Vizuzi Pet Love Funny Kitchen Towel

Pet lovers will fall in love with this adorable pet love dowel. The thin white sheets if oversized towels by Vizuzi are printed with Pet Quotes in black print that makes them look both classy and cute. The towels have amazing absorbency and they work well as both kitchen and bathroom towels.

Generic Wine Themed Decorative Kitchen Towel

This set of 3 monochrome novelty wine kitchen towels blend well with most kitchens. They are classy and fun and have great absorbency. These beautiful towels cannot only serve as rag cloth for dishes, but can also be used as a cute hand towel for bathrooms.

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