5 tips for a feminine body

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5 tips for a feminine body – words Alexa Wang

If you’d like to shape a figure of your dream, it’s important that you keep an eye on what you eat as well as do some physical exercises. Different types of exercises may have a completely different effect which is why it’s essential that you stick with what suits you better.

Balance exercises help improve health and tone up muscles of the body. Stretching is perfect for those who’d like to enhance their endurance, improve blood flow, increase muscles elasticity, and alleviate strains.

Aerobic exercises help build up stamina, burn excess calories and tone up muscles. Strengthening exercises combined with the right intake of calories help strengthen and shape up muscles. It’s highly beneficial to do all four types of exercises but depending on your priorities, you can always focus more on those that are best suited for your goals. Ideally, it’s best to arrange training sessions so as to constantly shift focus from fat loss and strengthening and vice versa. Here are five tips prompting efficient ways of achieving a feminine body shape.

Tip 1. Remember about the upper body

Most exercises developed for women focus on the lower body, but we should not forget that upper body needs a bit of attention too. This does not mean that you need to pump up your trapezii or shoulders, but if you do some exercises to boost your bust and sculpt a beautiful back you will surely achieve a greater effect. For this purpose, dumbbell pullovers and push-ups work best: by engaging back and breast muscles simultaneously they help sculpt your back and lift breasts.

Tip 2. A narrower waist will make you more attractive for the opposite sex.

One of the major differences between a feminine body and a male figure lies in the width of a waist and hips. If you want to look feminine, you should do such waist reducing exercises as bicycle crunches, dumbbell side bends or side plank hip lifts.

If you want to maximize the effect of waist reducing workouts, you may want to use a waist trainer corset that creates a sauna effect for burning excess fat. Besides, waist trainers can be used in everyday life for back support and for cinching your waist. Not sure where to get one? You will most certainly find your favorite in this best waist trainer 2018 review.

Tip 3. A fit belly does not mean working on belly muscles only.

Burning belly fat requires both aerobic and strengthening exercises. Doing jumping jacks, rope skipping, high knee running in place will help you burn the excess fat. Performing resistance gym training (such bodyweight circuits as planks and mountain climbers), the usual sit-ups and crunches, as well as lying leg raises will get you to a flat stomach. In addition, they build up muscles supporting your spine. At night, you can try using a sauna blanket from MiHigh to strengthen your belly muscles.

Tip 4. Working on thighs and hips is a must.

The best exercises would be all kinds of jumps, squats and lunges, leg swings, abduction and adduction exercises. Resistance bands, dumbbells, steps or body bars will render them more efficient.

Tip 5. Last step – beautiful buttocks!

And last but not least, the shape of buttocks may give indication of a woman’s age. Donkey kicks, high donkey kicks, bridging and forward lunges will definitely make you look your youngest. Whether you do this at home, a gym or fitness club is up to you.

Now you know what to do to shape beautiful curves and look your best.

5 tips for a feminine body – words Alexa Wang


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