Escape to New Zealand – the secret luxury destination

words Alan Woods

When you think of some of the world’s top luxury destinations New Zealand might not even feature. It’s funny how we pigeon hole certain countries with some very narrow attributes.

So New Zealand is seen as a land to enjoy greenery and wilderness. New Zealand though has just been named as a top luxury travel destination – so now it’s official. The country has 391 five star hotels which amounts to almost 10% which is higher than the Seychelles or Mauritius.


There are so many aspects of New Zealand that are relatively unknown to many of us but are obviously very desirable to some lucky travellers. Its natural beauty is unrivalled and yes activities such as white water rafting and whale watching with dramatic crags as a back drop are a part it is true but so also are the beaches. With 15, 000 kilometres of coastline New Zealand is a haven for beach lovers and many of them are not crammed to the rafters like most we have to endure in Europe. Whether it’s a lazy sun drenched day of bathing or something more adventurous New Zealand’s shoreline has it all in abundance. New Zealand is also a wonderful destination for a perfect romantic getaway. And for Lord of the Rings fans there is Hobbiton where you can actually experience life in The Shire and visit the actual hobbit house where Frodo and Bilbo’s adventure began. This was used as the actual film set and has now been turned into a popular tourist attraction.


There also the buzz of the cities including Auckland which is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place with a laid back attitude. Fine food influenced by east and west come together with some of the finest wines in the world and the nightlife too is electric. A great place to stay is the SKYCITY Grand Hotel with its exemplary five star service which sits just below the jaw dripping Sky Tower that dominates the skyline of the city. The hotel is the height of luxury with its airy and spacious rooms complete with Spa and cocktail bar. The Sky Tower itself is like a vast complex that reaches for the sky. People bungee jump from the tower and inside you can experience one of its many bars or even enjoy a performance at its theatre. There’s an awe inspiring viewing platform at the top that you just have to experience.

For more on visiting New Zealand visit the official website



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