Considering a second career? How to become a Paralegal

Today being paralegal is a very prestigious career. More and more people consider applying for paralegal programs as a second career opportunity. And there are several good reasons for it.

First of all, paralegals earn pretty good money which is undoubtedly a great advantage in the current economical crisis constantly developing worldwide. Secondly, paralegals do interesting job in the legal field though do not take much responsibility as lawyers, for instance, do. And, finally, becoming paralegal today has become easier than ever.

Today you can check second careers options in Canada and find out that many universities offer full-time programs as well as only several months based courses or evening schools to help you get a degree in any comfortable way. So in this article you can learn about the basics of becoming a paralegal today.


How to Become a Paralegal

If you have just finished your high school education then you have several options to become a paralegal. Some of them include associate degrees and various certificates in paralegal studies. As a rule, associate degree requires two years of full-time attendance, but if you do not want to spend so much time for that you can apply for a certificate paralegal program which lasts from three months to twenty-four months.

In recent years, a lot of colleges, universities and other educational institutions began to offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees in paralegal studies. If you have an associate degree in paralegal studies then you can work only at the entry-level positions in this field, but in case you want to get to the top of the industry, prospective paralegals need to have one of the higher level courses completed or any of the industry approved certifications.

If you already have some bachelor’s degree, but in the field non-related to the paralegal profession then you can take several specialist training courses, all of which can become an alternative way to obtaining a profession of paralegal.


Distance Learning to Become a Paralegal

Today there are a few online based schools that can offer professional paralegal education with the help of distance learning method. As a rule this way is chosen by the people who either do not have enough money for studying on campus or they have a great lack of time but still want to become a paralegal. This option provides students with great flexibility to finish the studies at one’s pace.

In case you decided to study online, make sure you check the chosen school’s accreditation, special job placement record and if you get the possibility to transfer the credits if you decide to embark upon a higher degree in future.

Paralegals are paraprofessionals in Canada’s jurisdiction that usually assist qualified lawyers in their legal work. Unfortunately, paralegals are not approved by the government. As a rule, they are not a subject to the government court-sanctioned conduct rules.

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