What to watch after the Game of Thrones finale

What to watch after the Game of Thrones finale – words Al Woods

Have you ever wondered why Game of Thrones is such a favorite TV show with high ratings? There are many reasons, but the show is basically full of action, violence, nudity, and dragons too. Every GOT lover is overwhelmed about the Game of Thrones being on its eighth and final season. As it is running on its season finale, it doesn’t mean that your TV show watching should come to an end.

If the show comes to an end, but you haven’t got enough of it, you can still enjoy other shows that are somewhat related. Well, some might almost be live a replica of the show, but none of them will have the dragons you regularly see on GOT. Either way, here are some of the TV shows you should consider watching when GOT crew hang their gloves.


  1. The Tudors

One of the things that make this show very related to Game of Thrones is the uncountable nudity scenes. The Tudors is set in the 1500s in England, which has a similar ancient costume like Game of Thrones. Furthermore, most of the characters are going without any costume in most scenes of the show.

Above all, Natalie Dormer is a devious queen that is committed to grabbing power to the fullest. That should be familiar enough and very similar to Game of Throne, isn’t it?

  1. Empire

Empire has been running from 2015 till now, and it is yet another hit show. It might not be exactly the same as Game of Thrones. In fact, the genre is different in the first place. But one thing that brings the similarity is the power struggles among a family that is ready to do anything to gain that power.

It is all about fighting for the ‘throne’ of the family’s record label. The backstabbing, love triangles, deceptions, and murder are very similar to Game of Thrones. If you are a hip hop fan, Empire should be definitely your ideal choice because it features a soundtrack produced by the beat master, Timbaland.

  1. The Expanse

This is yet another show that has been running since 2015 to present. If you want to know about its similarity to GOT, be sure that it is. The show is a conspiracy thriller that is set in the future, unlike Game of Thrones. In this TV show, humans have colonized the solar system, and it revolves around mysterious murders, just like GOT.

  1. The Vikings

There are a lot of similarities between The Vikings and Game of Thrones. The Vikings is inspired by real early medieval Vikings saga. It might seem like a history film, but be sure of enjoying watching The Vikings. The attire of the characters and the sword fights are very comparable to GOT.

The powerful women in The Vikings also show another similarity.

  1. Breaking Bad

Okay, this TV show is not remotely similar to Game of Thrones. But why have we listed it? Well, if you are in search of a show with badasses, Breaking Bad should serve you perfectly. Another thing that makes Breaking Bad a good alternative when GOT is done is because it involves multiple murder and mystery. Oh, and the level of suspense in Breaking Bad is just like that of Game of Thrones, or even more.

With Breaking Bad, be sure to admire the boldness, risk-taking, and no-nonsense of a chemistry teacher, Walter White, who turns into a respected and feared meth cook. He is the danger.

  1. Frontier

Frontier kicked off in 2016, and it is another fantastic show that is catching the attention of the audiences out there. Do you know why this is another excellent show to watch after GOT finale? Well, it has Khal Drogo, who was played by Jason Momoa. Drogo was Khaleesi’s husband that was killed very unexpectedly in Game of Thrones. This was a way of letting Jason Momoa take part in Aquaman as the lead actor.

But you can meet him again in Frontier as he beats the heck out of his enemies. This is a Canadian TV show that is about the North American fur trade in the 18 century. The costume is also quite similar to that of Game of Thrones.

  1. Outlander

Outlander is yet another fantasy-prestige series that involves violence, romance, as well as historical references. But what makes it even better is time travel. The TV show is based on a book series that talks about a World War II nurse, who is a heroine of the show. She is separated from her husband by being taken back in time. But there are some steamy nude scenes that are similar to that of Game of Thrones.

  1. The 100

This show commenced in 2014 and is still running. One of the similarities to Game of Thrones is the brutal deaths of the characters, especially the loved ones. There is also a lot of politics and backstabbing going on in the show, something quite familiar. Even though there are some romantic and steamy scenes involved, this TV show involves some dark stories. But this one is best suited for teens – so keep that in mind before you consider watching it.

  1. The Last Kingdom

If you take out the magic and dragons out of Game of Thrones, you’ll have The last Kingdom. It has a lot of reality and battles, just like that of GOT. It is set in medieval England, and it talks about the Vikings that are fighting against the divided British Isles kingdoms. The hand-to-hand combat opens you to some brutal and bloody incidents. There’s also power struggle, family disagreements, sword fights, and rocky relationships.

You can find out where to watch these TV shows online and enjoy them as the legendary Game of Throne is coming to an end. Remember that you will not always find a TV show that is exactly like Game of Thrones.

As you look forward to watching these TV shows online, always know how to spot a fake streaming website. Always go for an approved and trusted website to avoid phishing and other online fraud cases.



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