Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap – How the West was attacked

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap – How the West was attacked – words Lee Taylor

Pick up the phone
I’m always home
Call me any time
Just ring
36 24 36 hey
I lead a life of crime
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap

Songwriters: Angus Young / Malcolm Young / Ronald Belford Scott

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap lyrics © BMG Rights Management

So, imagine yourself as an ambitious politician. Let’s call you Politician A. Early in your career you’re approached by a rich billionaire who says they believe in your agenda and they’d like to help you in any way they can. The businessman is a Russian but ‘hey the cold war is over and we’re all on the same side now aren’t we?’


It turns out that this businessman has lots of connections – with the media, with senior party officials in your country. They like to arrange meetings on their yachts – off the coast of Corfu or maybe the Seychelles (remember those good old days Mr Osborne and Mr Mandelson?). He introduces you to a powerful media mogul who promises to back you through thick and thin. You rise quickly up the ranks with barely a nod and a wink as you’re groomed for power. Now you’re in government. But who is your master? Is it the voters i.e. the public or is it the men who got you into that position of power?

The oligarch it turns out is a close friend of Vladimir Putin. Well actually the Russian leader is his close friend and boss. He would like to meet you behind the scenes at (insert international conference here). Vlad has been following your career with great relish and hopes to continue his support until you reach the very top. It would be great if you could help them push certain policies to the top of your government’s agenda. Again, who do you serve? Who is your master?

You decide you can best serve the public by going as far as you can and so you agree to Vlad’s requests and climb further up the ladder.

Politician A could be Tony Blair. It could be David Cameron. Right now, it may well be Boris Johnson. Once they’ve bought themselves a politician, and have their hooks in, then he or she is theirs for life. Dirty deeds you see are recorded and logged. Scenarios like this are happening all over the world as I write this article. Meetings are set up. Careers are put into motion. Drip by drip our democracies are weakened. The rule of law is undermined.

In the US of course it is a different set of names. Their party system makes it even easier to buy a politician. Trump of course was a major triumph. Imagine the celebrations in the Kremlin on election night. A US president in the bag.

Brexit though was their first major coup. Imagine creating all that division and chaos in the EU? Some of the same people and organisations who helped bring about the Brexit result then went to work on the Trump campaign.

If this all sounds a bit farfetched, like a scene from The Godfather films there’s a reason for that. The Russian state and organised crime or now virtually one and the same thing. Russia is a rogue state, rotten to the core, where the rule of law was dismantled and corruption is not just rampant it is part of the system itself. In Russia, all politicians are essentially on the same side. Any real opposition is thrown in prison or simply killed. Right and left are now merely devices to confuse and divide the public. They might create the illusion of democracy but that’s all it is. A useful illusion. Create fear. Divide and rule.

And it’s not just the Russians who are at it. No, their friends in China are at it too. A war of stealth and deception.

Aided and abetted by their friends among us they are attempting to export their nightmare vision to us in the West. They are funding and exploiting certain politicians on the left and right. They also galvinising extremists of all persusians. Sewing hate and division. Trying to crack us open from the inside.






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