Things You Should Look For in a Toilet Type

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Toilet Type

With the development of technology, the industry offers various options to choose from nearly every commodity one wants in the market. This concept applies to toilets too.

When it comes to buying the best toilet, you can access excellent options that suit your needs. Manufacturers are now making more compact and comfortable toilets that benefit the growth of the industry.

In this article, we are going to look over the things you should look for in a toilet type. They include the following:

Flush Performance

When choosing a toilet, it is vital to look for the strongest flushing toilet. It needs to have a high efficiency flashing power. It is crucial to find a reputable site that deals with a variety of toilets before buying. You can inquire with friends and family in finding one. You can also get reviews from this useful site about the test performance of the toilet flush. The higher the amount of performance threshold, the better the flush performance. The most common type found in homes is the gravity toilet. This type uses gravity to flush out waste. The market also offers the other popular variety known as the pressure-assisted toilets, with a mechanical plastic tank that forces water out when flushed. You can also choose a single or dual-flush model. The latter reduces water consumption by a significant percentage compared with other models.


When buying a toilet, consider choosing the right height. Most of the types come in standard height, while others have a comfort height, which is two to three inches higher than the standard height. If you are considering comfort, comfort heights are the best choice for your needs. If you are looking for a toilet for children, then you should buy the standard height. The comfort height is an excellent choice for people with physical impairment and the elderly. For better accessibility, you must invest in the comfort height rather than the standard one. It allows for more effortless transfer for people in walkers or wheelchairs and offers extra comfort. Whether you plan to stay in your home or put it for sale, it is crucial to invest in a toilet that can be accessed by a different group of people.


Bowls are a crucial part of toilets that you need to consider before making a purchase decision. The models are available in two types, the round, and elongated shapes. Round bowls are less than twenty-eight inches, while elongated ones are available in more than thirty inches. The difference between the two types is about two to three inches. Elongated bowls have the most reviews as they offer more room and comfort.

Elongated seats have the most recommendations as they provide space and support. Round seats work better in confined bathrooms. However, if you have a smaller space, then the round shape is the best option. Elongated bowls take a much larger area than the round ones. Despite this fact, elongated bowls are a better choice for people with physical impairments. Some people also find bigger seats more comfortable, offering support for the legs like a regular chair.


Toilet Types

You need to know the design you want for your toilet. It could be a wall-mount, one-piece, or two-piece design. The most popular one is the two-piece. Your preference here depends on the set of your bathroom. For the one-piece models, the bowl and the tank join into a compact unit. This design makes it easy to clean them. If your bathroom is small, then this might be the best choice for you. Also, if you need to save space, one-piece models are a better choice for you. However, if you are considering buying a cheaper model, you might want to consider purchasing the two-piece model. These types are the traditional models where the tank and the bowl are separate. It is cheaper to install them. However, if you are looking to save on space, this is not fit for you. It would help if you also evaluate the shape of the toilet seat.

Water Efficiency 

Toilets use the highest percentage of water in our homes. This fact explains why most people want to buy the type that saves on water. In most countries, there are restrictions regarding the consumption of water in homes. Such rules help conserve water, reducing bills around the nation. Fortunately, with the new technology, the industry has innovations of toilets with a high-effective flushing technology.

These new models use a lower significant amount of water compared to the traditional ones. Your choice should use the least amount of water for cleaning the bowl. So, it is vital to go for toilets designed with excellent efficiency. High-efficiency models use gravity-assisted technology in flushing contents down the toilet with less water. Such toilets perform consistently and adequately.

Choosing a toilet is a simple task. It would be best if you took the time to learn about the various options in the market to find a model that suits your needs. Checking out best toilets 2020 reviews would be a great idea to start. Once you have narrowed down your choices, consult with a reputable dealer to help in choosing the right option. Remember to buy a toilet that is easy to use.


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