How severe snoring can damage a relationship

How severe snoring can damage a relationship – Alexa Wang

Snoring is often sniggered at as a mildly funny habit but it can actually cause irritation and anguish if you are on the receiving end each night.

We love our golden hours of sleep and become like bears with sore heads if we are interrupted in our bedtime hours. New research has shown how severe snoring is not only damaging to the snorer . It can affect your partner and even the rest of the family. Desperate measures are often resorted to such as snoring home remedies. How do you stop someone from snoring? It’s hard to ignore those snoring sounds. It can actually affect relationships if the snoring persists over long periods as the sufferer and their partner have to face days at work with severe lack of sleep. There are lots of people up and down the country showing physical signs of sleep deprivation.

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There are an estimated 15 million Brits who are suffering from snoring. That is a lot of irritable and frustrated people trying to deal with their everyday lives with a severe lack of sleep. The mental effects of sleep deprivation can be devastating. The city of Cardiff comes out on top as the snoring capital of the UK.

The top five cities with the most severe snoring in the UK:

Cardiff (7.09)

Gloucester (6.5)

Oxford (6.45)

Belfast (6.31)

Edinburgh (6)

See all the findings here.

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Although Snoring can be a laughing matter – if it’s just the occasional time – it can be much more serious over longer priods. The report finds that most people would consider physical violence or ending the relationship if they had to suffer continuous severe snoring from a partner. More than a quarter of Brits said that snoring has caused a severe problem in their relationships. It is the 45-54-year-old age bracket that seems most likely to be severe snorers and it is their partners who have to suffer the most. Is that you? Are you wondering – why have I started snoring all of a sudden?

So what might a partner be forced to do to try and avoid severe snoring at night? Well when asked about this the reactions could be quite severe such as, “I threw my ex out of bed on several occasions because of his snoring”, “I’ve been close to tears before”, and even “I’ve considered breaking up with my partner because of it.” Are you pondering the age old question – how to stop my boyfriend from snoring?

A Chemist Direct spokesperson’ commented on the results: “With around one in every four-people suffering from snoring, we wanted to see what impact this was having on not only the people themselves, but on their loved ones. Lots of the admissions we received were very emotional, some even slightly aggressive, highlighting how something as simple as snoring can cause major conflict in relationships.”

How severe snoring can damage a relationship – Alexa Wang


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