The World of Warcraft Classic

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The official revival of the classic World of Warcraft servers is as close as possible to the original classic. But new network technologies have been made a part of the solution.

The history of WoW: Classic began after Blizzard shut down Nostalrius, a notorious pirate server based on the traditional version of the game. Nostalrius players began to fill up the company with petitions asking to launch the official, classic servers.

In November 2017, Blizzard announced such servers, immediately warning that their development would not be fast. Technologies have changed significantly since 2006, so you can not just take and run an old version of the game without reworking its technical part. That is how WoW Classic boosting service has emerged. Nowadays, the classic comes with a much better network code; there are no queues on the servers, and the graphics are more stable and support all modern resolutions.

World of Warcraft Classic

What About the Tech Side?

But beyond the technical tweaks, WoW: Classic is virtually indistinguishable from the traditional game. The developers did not even change the graphics, returning it to the level at which the game was in 2006. Content on classic servers is gradually being added so that players can collect the necessary equipment to complete the most difficult dungeons.

Game Classes/Levels

There are a couple of levels that you need to be aware of when you start your career at WoW Classic:

  • Warrior — a classic melee fighter and the best choice for a tank role. The warrior’s abilities depend on the level of rage, which accumulates with each blow;
  • Mage — wizards whose skills depend on the amount of mana, which is not easy to recover;
  • Hunter — a gunnie that uses traps and pets to aid in combat;
  • Rogue — a fighter that is known for his series of attacks, each hit of which inflicts more and more damage;
  • Priest — a healer who can deal a lot of harm and help other fighters recover quickly;
  • Druid — a game character that allows the player to heal, damage, or tank;
  • Paladin — a figure that can heal and tank; however, paladins are best at casting powerful augment spells on allies.

As you may have already understood, there are also alliance races in the game:

  • People — warrior, hunter, robber, priest, magician, warlock, paladin;
  • Dwarves — warrior, hunter, robber, priest, magician, warlock;
  • Night elves — warrior, hunter, rogue, priest, druid, mage.

When it comes to horde races, a couple of options is available as well:

  • Orcs — warrior, hunter, robber, magician, warlock, shaman;
  • Trolls — warrior, hunter, robber, druid, magician, warlock, shaman;
  • Tauren — warrior, hunter, robber, druid shaman;
  • Undead — warrior, hunter, robber, magician, warlock.

Game Flow

The maximum character level in the classic version of the game is 60, and the events unfold in the old Azeroth, consisting of two large continents. Taking into account game specs, account boosting is several times longer than in the modern World of Warcraft. If you do not play from morning to evening, you will have to spend at least a couple of months completing quests, fighting elite monsters, and going through dungeons for five players.

After reaching level 60, the game does not end: new dungeons for 10, 20, and 40 players appear. They are more complicated and require collecting a good set of equipment. There are several battlegrounds prepared for PvP lovers: the classic capture of the flag and the fight for points. There is also Alterac Valley — a giant battle involving 40 players on each side.


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